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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Bart realize about a woman's love on the day Charlie starts nursery school?
(a) It is horrible.
(b) It is beautiful.
(c) It is strange and cruel.
(d) It is the strongest anywhere.

2. Who does Bart call at the opening of January 19th?
(a) Olivia.
(b) Steve Ordner.
(c) Drake.
(d) Roy Tarkington.

3. When talking to Fenner about the finalization of the terms of the house, what does Bart find out?
(a) That the price has gone down.
(b) That Mary already signed the papers.
(c) That he is the only one left holding out.
(d) That his home is bugged.

4. What does Bart take down to the post office on the morning of January 16th?
(a) A letter to Steve Ornder.
(b) The envelope for Mary.
(c) Charlie's clothes for donation.
(d) The envelope for Olivia.

5. How many sticks of explosives does Bart buy from Magliore?
(a) Ten (10).
(b) Twenty (20).
(c) Forty (40).
(d) One hundred (100).

6. Where does the transaction between Bart and Magliore's men take place?
(a) Nicky's Diner.
(b) The bowling alley.
(c) The Town Line Tavern.
(d) Magliore's car dealership.

7. What is the only thing about the night that Bart took the drugs that really bothers him?
(a) The impending destruction of his home.
(b) The argument with Mary.
(c) The talk with Drake, the street priest.
(d) The shattered television.

8. According to Phil Drake, what happens to the body when one commits suicide?
(a) It gets destroyed during autopsy.
(b) It loses its soul.
(c) It goes to hell.
(d) It rots.

9. What does Bart describe as a shrouded corpse in his home?
(a) The pictures from his and Mary's wedding.
(b) The television.
(c) The marital bed.
(d) The guns he bought from Harold.

10. What movie does Bart go see on January 16th?
(a) Blazing Saddles.
(b) The Trial of Billy Jack.
(c) The Exorcist.
(d) Earthquake.

11. What lie does Bart tell Mary during their January 17th conversation?
(a) That he hasn't slept with anyone since their split.
(b) That he went and saw a psychiatrist.
(c) That he has a job selling cars at Magliore's car dealership.
(d) That he is moving out of state.

12. What is the name of the reporter that Bart talks to about his reasoning for what he is doing?
(a) Dave Albert.
(b) Freddrick Olivia.
(c) Shawn Miller.
(d) David Demps.

13. Since taking the drugs,what fictional character has Bart felt like?
(a) Atticus Fitch.
(b) Iago.
(c) Huck Finn.
(d) Jeckyll and Hyde.

14. What is the name of Charlie's nursery school teacher?
(a) Mrs. Checkerton.
(b) Mrs. Ricker.
(c) Mrs. Stine.
(d) Mrs. Southerby.

15. On January 14th, what does Bart buy at Sears?
(a) A Die Hard battery.
(b) A home alarm system.
(c) Tools.
(d) Exercise equipment.

Short Answer Questions

1. When talking to Fenner, how does Bart say he wants the payment for his home?

2. Who is the opening quote for January written by?

3. What do the two men of Magliore's do to Bart's home?

4. What was the crate used for before it held Bart's explosives?

5. Bart hands Magliore eighteen thousand dollars. What is this money for?

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