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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Bart do to earn his half of the money needed for a new television?
(a) He goes to work as a bartender at Nicky's Diner.
(b) He mows grass in the neighborhood.
(c) He sells his prized comic book collection.
(d) He paints the smoke stack of the laundry.

2. Who does Bart say he is buying the guns for?
(a) His cousin.
(b) His brother.
(c) Himself.
(d) His wife.

3. On his first visit to Magliore's car dealer, what name does Bart call Magliore that gets his attention?
(a) Dork.
(b) Mobster.
(c) Sucker.
(d) Thief.

4. What did Bart's son die from?
(a) War-time friendly fire.
(b) Car accident.
(c) Brain tumor.
(d) Still-born.

5. When is the only time that Mary refers to Bart as "George"?
(a) When she is pleased with him.
(b) When they are going to bed.
(c) When she is angry at him.
(d) When she is sick.

6. What are people doing at Johnny Walker's delivery accident scene?
(a) Stealing sheets and towels.
(b) Running away from the grizzly scene.
(c) Blaming Johnny for the accident.
(d) Helping Johnny out of the delivery van.

7. How much money does Bart try to give the hitchhiker?
(a) One hundred (100.00) dollars.
(b) Two hundred (200.00) dollars.
(c) Twenty (20.00) dollars.
(d) Fifty (50.00) dollars.

8. On the night Bart sets the fires, what does he dream about over and over?
(a) Marrying Mary.
(b) Burning down the Waterford.
(c) Committing suicide.
(d) Going to Vegas to find Olivia.

9. What does everyone at the laundry call Bart?
(a) Mr. Dawes.
(b) Bart.
(c) Fred.
(d) Charlie.

10. What does the bumper sticker on the cash register state?
(a) Support safe gun laws.
(b) Guns don't kill people, people kill people.
(c) NRA supporter.
(d) If guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns.

11. What, according to Francis Lane, is the reason the construction is going to be halted for a month or more?
(a) All of the materials needed for the construction (concrete, bricks, rebar) need to be reordered.
(b) All of the site's paperwork was lost.
(c) The fire marshal is declaring the site a crime scene.
(d) It is going to take that long to clean up the mess.

12. Where is Bart walking to when he spots the gun shop?
(a) The bus stop.
(b) A breakfast meeting.
(c) Work.
(d) A car dealer.

13. Where is the "wonderful replica of Crestallen Street" located at?
(a) At City Hall.
(b) At the historical society.
(c) In Bart's mind.
(d) Inside a Southern Comfort bottle.

14. What does Bart admit to Olivia about his plans for himself?
(a) That he is going to commit himself.
(b) That he is going to kill himself.
(c) That he is going to get back together with Mary.
(d) That he is going to leave town, go to Vegas, and start over.

15. On December 17th, who calls Bart to tell him that the Blue Ribbon Laundry is to be demolished the following day?
(a) Mary.
(b) Olivia.
(c) Tom Granger.
(d) Steve Ordner.

Short Answer Questions

1. What happens to Olivia on her third night in Vegas?

2. What happens to Bart's favorite coffee cup?

3. What time does Bart wake up on the day after he sets the fires?

4. What wakes Bart up from his nap in the U-Wash-It laundry mat?

5. How much money are Bart and Mary short on buying the better television?

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