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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How much money does Bart bring to go Christmas shopping with?
(a) Five hundred (500.00) dollars.
(b) Fifty (50.00) dollars.
(c) One hundred (100.00) dollars.
(d) One thousand (1000.00) dollars.

2. How much does Bart end up spending on the two guns?
(a) Seven hundred (700.00) dollars.
(b) Nine hundred (900.00) dollars.
(c) Three hundred (300.00) dollars.
(d) One thousand (1000.00) dollars.

3. What did Bart's son die from?
(a) War-time friendly fire.
(b) Brain tumor.
(c) Still-born.
(d) Car accident.

4. Who does Bart run into at the mall while Christmas shopping?
(a) Mary.
(b) Vinnie Mason.
(c) Stephan Ordner.
(d) Ray Tarkington.

5. Why does Bart disagree with the name change of Esso to Exxon?
(a) Bart knew someone in high school by the name of Exxon and hated him.
(b) Exxon is the name of the company financing the new highway.
(c) Bart thinks that Exxon sounds like the name of a warlord from the planet Yurrir.
(d) Bart believes that Exxon will take over the world.

6. What novel does Bart compare his neighborhood to on the evening of November 24th?
(a) "Dark is the Grave Wherein My Friend is Laid" by Malcolm Lowry
(b) "Bury the Living" by Richard Boone.
(c) "After Dark" by Haruki Murakami.
(d) "The Dark" by Marianne Curley.

7. What is the name of the Democratic candidate who speaks out against the "vandalism" of the 784 construction site?
(a) Samuel Bortner.
(b) Carl Spindler.
(c) David Burkham.
(d) Victor Winterburger.

8. What is the name of the hitchhiker?
(a) Regan.
(b) Olivia.
(c) Mary.
(d) Bridget.

9. What does Bart admit to Olivia about his plans for himself?
(a) That he is going to get back together with Mary.
(b) That he is going to kill himself.
(c) That he is going to commit himself.
(d) That he is going to leave town, go to Vegas, and start over.

10. What does Bart admit is the reason that Mary moved out and left him?
(a) Because she couldn't stand to be around him any longer.
(b) Because he went insane.
(c) Because he didn't buy a new house.
(d) Because he lost his job.

11. What does Mary do to earn her half of the money needed for a new television?
(a) Working part-time as a maid.
(b) Sewing and embroidery work.
(c) Selling her prized doll collection.
(d) Waitressing at Nicky's Diner.

12. What wakes Bart up from his nap in the U-Wash-It laundry mat?
(a) A child screaming for a bottle.
(b) A woman runs over his foot with a rolling basket.
(c) The laundry attendant telling him people are not allowed to sleep in the laundry.
(d) A Salvation Army Santa's bell.

13. Where are Mary and Bart invited for New Year's Eve, even though the host knows they are separated?
(a) Vinnie Mason's.
(b) Walter Hanmer's.
(c) Roy Tarkington's.
(d) Steve Ordner's.

14. On December 17th, who calls Bart to tell him that the Blue Ribbon Laundry is to be demolished the following day?
(a) Tom Granger.
(b) Steve Ordner.
(c) Mary.
(d) Olivia.

15. To whom does Bart place a call from the gun shop?
(a) His wife, Mary.
(b) His friend that hunts.
(c) HIs son, Charlie.
(d) WDST Weatherphone.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the name of the psychiatrist that Bart tells Mary is booked through June?

2. What happens to Bart's favorite coffee cup?

3. Who does Bart go to see on the morning of November 23rd?

4. How much money are Bart and Mary short on buying the better television?

5. What animal is in Bart's nightmare on the night of November 27th?

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