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An Examination of Music

Bring in a copy of The Rolling Stones "Let it Bleed" album. Have students choose songs from the album and analyze the lyrics. Have them try to figure out why Bart was so enamored by the album.

An Untouched Snow

Have a PowerPoint presentation showing photos of newly fallen snow. Be sure that you have images of untouched snow and trampled-through snow. Have students discuss the importance of both images. They should also discuss what something means to be pristine and "tarnished".

Understanding Sanity

Have students describe their own understanding of sanity and what they consider insane. Have them share their understandings with the rest of the class.

Create a Mob Persona

Have students research mob names and create their own "mob" persona. They should create a name for themselves and come up with a reason why they chose that particular nickname as a...

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