Roadwork Character Descriptions

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Barton George Dawes

This character, broken by the reality of losing everything meaningful, commits suicide.

Mary Dawes

This character is married to the main character in the story. This character fails to recognize the downward spiral of the main character and leaves the marital home.

Charlie Dawes

This character dies, before the novel starts, from brain cancer.

Olivia Brenner

This character is a physically and mentally abused person whom the main character kindles a friendship with and, eventually, sets up a trust fund for.

Salvatore Magliore

This character, who has a nickname because of a cataract in one eye, owns a used car lot.

Steve Ordner

This character runs the corporate aspects related to the Blue Ribbon Laundry and attempts to fire the main character for failing to purchase another plant for the move of the business.

Don Tarkington

This character was the original owner of the Blue...

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