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Part One: November 20-23, 1973

• Bart purchases two guns from Harvey's Gun Shop, stating that they are for his brother.
• Bart convinces everyone that he has the purchase of the new plant under control.
• Bart reminisces about how his neighborhood used to be.

Part One: November 25-28, 1973

• Bart visits a known mob man, Sally One-Eye, about obtaining explosives.
• Bart fails to purchase the Waterford plant for the relocation of the Blue Ribbon Laundry and everyone finds out that it is his fault.
• Mary finds out that Bart has been lying to her about the plant and their home.

Part Two: December 5-8, 1973

• Bart picks up a hitchhiker, brings her home, and sleeps with her.
• Bart and Mary talk about their inevitable divorce and she tells him that he needs to go see a psychiatrist.

Part Two: December 9-10, December 12 1973

• Bart gets an idea about alternative explosives from a PSA...

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