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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. According to Nearly Normal Jimmy's trance message to Amanda at the end of the book, what movie will set Tibet on the correct spiritual path again?
(a) Hair.
(b) Billy Jack.
(c) Casablanca.
(d) Yellow Submarine.

2. After his suicide attempt, what changes begin to occur in Marx?
(a) He begins to question his scientific notions.
(b) He begins to explore the idea of going to Tibet.
(c) He begins to pursue other women.
(d) He begins to relax about the notions of religion and spirituality.

3. What drew Marx away from following his mother's religion?
(a) His annoyance at sitting through church services.
(b) His intelligence.
(c) His rebelliousness against conformity.
(d) His father.

4. What does Amanda purchase from the Cowboy after Marx's employment?
(a) A rooster.
(b) The world's largest hat.
(c) An invisible dog.
(d) A nearly-extinct butterfly.

5. How many days do the Zillers, Marx, and Plucky give themselves to decide what to do about the Corpse?
(a) Two days.
(b) Three days.
(c) Seven days.
(d) Five days.

Short Answer Questions

1. In this flash-forward into the future, of what does Marx feel he and Amanda are running out?

2. Around summertime of Marx's employment, what subject does he frequently discuss with John Paul?

3. For what piece of vegetation does Marx help the Zillers hunt?

4. What does Plucky note about the vaults under the Vatican?

5. In what does Plucky disguise the Corpse as he escapes from the Vatican?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why do the Zillers tend to avoid alcohol?

2. Why does Marx attempt suicide and what change overcome him as a result?

3. What argument does Marx use on Amanda against vegetarianism and what conclusions does she draw from this?

4. What is Amanda's theory about Marx's presence at their zoo?

5. According to Tarzan, why did men start fearing death?

6. Describe Marx and Amanda's last night and morning at the zoo.

7. Why and how does Marx address Baby Thor?

8. Compare and contrast Pan and Jesus.

9. How does Plucky stumble over the Corpse?

10. What is Marx's suggestion about Plucky's plan for the Corpse and why?

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