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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In what does Plucky disguise the Corpse as he escapes from the Vatican?
(a) Priest's array.
(b) Felicitate robes.
(c) Choirboy robes.
(d) Nun's habit.

2. What does Plucky Purcell find in the catacombs of the Vatican?
(a) The Dead Sea scrolls.
(b) The cross upon which Christ was crucified.
(c) The Shroud of Turin.
(d) Jesus's body.

3. What is Plucky's assignment in Vatican City?
(a) He is to teach the Swiss Guard martial arts.
(b) He is to research the beginnings of the Bible.
(c) He is to convert a few key archbishops to the Society of the Felicitator.
(d) He is to become a bodyguard to the Pope.

4. What does Amanda suggest about the FBI agent's anger at her ideas to Marx?
(a) He thinks Amanda is spoiled and entitled.
(b) He is a symbol junkie.
(c) He knows Amanda is right.
(d) He is too afraid to question the allegiances in his life.

5. What is Amanda's speech impediment?
(a) Lisp.
(b) Stutter.
(c) Dysarthria.
(d) Dysprosody.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Marx suggest as being the beginning stages of John Paul and Amanda's spiritualism?

2. To where is Plucky Purcell transferred, per his letter that is revealed to Marx Marvelous?

3. How does Plucky Purcell feel about the monks around him?

4. After detailing Plucky's escape from the Vatican, whom does Marx address for posterity?

5. Around summertime of Marx's employment, what subject does he frequently discuss with John Paul?

Short Essay Questions

1. How do the Zillers, Plucky and Marx allow themselves to relax before addressing the presence of the Corpse?

2. Why do the Zillers tend to avoid alcohol?

3. Describe the Second Coming as Marx discovers it.

4. Who is Sister Hillary and why is she important?

5. What is Amanda's theory about Marx's presence at their zoo?

6. What argument does Marx use on Amanda against vegetarianism and what conclusions does she draw from this?

7. What observations do the Zillers and Marx make about the loggers and their work?

8. What is significant about Amanda's wishes for the Corpse?

9. Why does Amanda refuse to sleep with Marx and what occurs after her announcement?

10. What is Plucky's theory on the presence of the Corpse in regards to the Church?

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