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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What significant fact is brought into questioning concerning the presence of the Corpse?
(a) The Vatican's retaliation about losing the Corpse.
(b) The will of God.
(c) The fate of Christianity if Jesus had not risen from the dead.
(d) Jesus's wishes at His death for the disposal of His body.

2. What is singularly remarkable about people's recognition of the Corpse?
(a) Everyone recognizes the wounds from his last day alive.
(b) The Corpse looks as if He just died, rendering everyone able to recognize him.
(c) People refuse to believe that it is He.
(d) People understand who it is without needing to be told.

3. What does Marx humorously note about Plucky and the Corpse's plane ride from Rome to Seattle?
(a) The airplane must be blessed against all occurances.
(b) It is the Messiah's first trip of this nature.
(c) The passengers must have felt extraordinarily peaceful.
(d) Plucky must have eaten all of Amanda's marijuana cookies in order to relax on the plane.

4. What does Amanda suggest about the FBI agent's anger at her ideas to Marx?
(a) He knows Amanda is right.
(b) He is too afraid to question the allegiances in his life.
(c) He is a symbol junkie.
(d) He thinks Amanda is spoiled and entitled.

5. From what infirmity do the caretaker nuns in the Vatican suffer?
(a) Blindness.
(b) They lack feeling in their hands.
(c) Muteness.
(d) Deafness.

6. How old is Plucky's secret lover when he is at the monastery?
(a) Forty years old.
(b) Twenty-five years old.
(c) Fifteen years old.
(d) Eighteen years old.

7. What method does Marx propose in regards to the Corpse?
(a) Taking Him to the public.
(b) Giving Him back to the Vatican.
(c) Disposing of Him.
(d) Hiding Him in the basement of the zoo forever.

8. Who is revealed to be the narrator of this book?
(a) Plucky Purcell.
(b) Baby Thor.
(c) Marx Marvelous.
(d) John Paul.

9. What keeps Marx from becoming too jealous over Plucky's sexual encounter with Amanda?
(a) The Corpse.
(b) Mon Cul's illness.
(c) John Paul's assertation that Plucky needed to be with Amanda.
(d) The fear of death.

10. In order to smuggle the Corpse out of the country, within what does Plucky convince his artist friend to encase the body?
(a) A wooden sarcophagus.
(b) Plaster.
(c) Papier-mache.
(d) Marble.

11. What is the name of Plucky's artist friend from Italy?
(a) Bernard Mickey Wrangle.
(b) Boomer Petway.
(c) George O. Supper.
(d) Marcel LeFever.

12. What does Plucky note about the vaults under the Vatican?
(a) Several remain sealed.
(b) They are worth enough to end world hunger.
(c) They are guarded around the clock.
(d) They are full of stolen treasures.

13. After the launch of the solar balloon, whose dead body was found?
(a) Plucky.
(b) John Paul.
(c) Jesus.
(d) Mon Cul.

14. What natural disaster occurs in Vatican City, causing Plucky to go explore the vaults?
(a) Flood.
(b) Snowstorm.
(c) Earthquake.
(d) Tornado.

15. What false alarm frightens the group from their story-telling session when trying to decide what to do with the Corpse?
(a) A knock on the door.
(b) A thunderstorm.
(c) Mon Cul wakes up from a nightmare.
(d) A shelving unit breaking loose.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who restores Plucky's faith in Catholicism?

2. After re-opening the zoo for the first time after Plucky's arrival with the Corpse, what do the Zillers insist everyone does for one evening?

3. Despite her open marriage with John Paul, why does Amanda refuse to have sex with Marx?

4. Who rescues Marx from his suicide attempt?

5. What is Plucky's assignment in Vatican City?

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