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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is the circus manager and ringmaster of the Indo Tibetan Circus and Giant Panda Gypsy Blues Band?
(a) Smokestack Lightening.
(b) Ba Ba.
(c) Nearly Normal Jimmy.
(d) Madame Goody.

2. With whom does Mon Cul travel when the circus prepares to move?
(a) Baby Thor.
(b) Amanda.
(c) Plucky.
(d) John Paul.

3. Why did Plucky have to transport Mon Cul for John Paul?
(a) Mon Cul was refused entry onto the train.
(b) Mon Cul refuses to wear a helmet on the motorcycle.
(c) Mon Cul was ill and forced to stay behind with Plucky to recuperate.
(d) Mon Cul dislikes motorcycles.

4. In what month did the Indo-Tibetan circus disband?
(a) July.
(b) January.
(c) October.
(d) April.

5. When John Paul leaves a note for Amanda in the hospital, in what form does he express his sympathies?
(a) Limerick.
(b) Iambic pentameter.
(c) Haiku.
(d) Prose.

6. What did Amanda once hide inside a hollow tree in order to trick woodpeckers into pecking the tree?
(a) A ticking clock.
(b) A fake bird.
(c) A stash of food.
(d) A bird's nest.

7. From whom does Amanda purchase the rooster?
(a) Switters.
(b) Bonanza Jellybean.
(c) The Cowboy.
(d) The Woodpecker.

8. Although she is overwhelmed by John Paul's outward appearance, what impresses the nurse about him?
(a) His money.
(b) His fancy watch.
(c) His baboon companion.
(d) His cultured personality.

9. What instrument does Ziller play as Amanda sings during their first meeting?
(a) Drums.
(b) Piano.
(c) Flute.
(d) Horn.

10. What does Marx admit about his impressions of the Zillers in his journal?
(a) He finds them to be too strange to not be repulsed.
(b) He dislikes John Paul.
(c) He is afraid of Amanda.
(d) He is unable to be objective about them.

11. With what animal did John Paul Zimmer return to Washington after his studies in Paris?
(a) Dog.
(b) Penguin.
(c) Parrot.
(d) Baboon.

12. For which college did Plucky play football?
(a) Texas Tech.
(b) California Tech.
(c) Duke University.
(d) Harvard University.

13. At the end of this section, what new development is revealed when discussing the future fate of John Paul?
(a) He will be divorced from Amanda.
(b) A corpse will be involved.
(c) Baby Thor will be sent away by John Paul.
(d) Mon Cul will run away.

14. For what baked good does Amanda become famous?
(a) Marijuana bread.
(b) Mushroom cookies.
(c) Marijuana brownies.
(d) Mushroom cakes.

15. Calming Amanda's fears about his temperament, what reason does John Paul cite for his detachment as they restore their new home after the disbanding of the circus?
(a) He is afraid Mon Cul is homesick.
(b) He has not heard from Plucky in a long time.
(c) He had a bad dream about Amanda's unborn child.
(d) He is worried that Baby Thor does not care for him as a father.

Short Answer Questions

1. With what sort of friends and clients does Plucky prefer to associate?

2. What is revealed about John Paul's relationship status?

3. What is cited as evidence of genetic memory?

4. How does Amanda, John Paul, and their neighbor find out about the attempted theft of the baboon at the zoo?

5. What story does Plucky tell the rednecks to appease their anger at the circus folk?

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