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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. For what does Marx express disdain in regard to Amanda?
(a) Her free love.
(b) Her mysticism.
(c) Her education.
(d) Her wardrobe.

2. Why are the men impressed with Plucky Purcell?
(a) Plucky is a heavy drinker.
(b) Plucky was a college football hero.
(c) Plucky is very rich.
(d) Plucky has a baboon as a companion.

3. Calming Amanda's fears about his temperament, what reason does John Paul cite for his detachment as they restore their new home after the disbanding of the circus?
(a) He is afraid Mon Cul is homesick.
(b) He is worried that Baby Thor does not care for him as a father.
(c) He had a bad dream about Amanda's unborn child.
(d) He has not heard from Plucky in a long time.

4. What offer from Nearly Normal Jimmy did John Paul decline after the disbanding of the circus?
(a) He declines to take over managing to the circus.
(b) He declines Nearly Normal Jimmy's offer to take care of Mon Cul.
(c) He declines an opportunity to travel to Tibet.
(d) He declined to go record with the Giant Panda Gypsy Blues Band in New York.

5. What type of vegetation is common to the area in which John Paul and Amanda settle, much to their delight?
(a) Apples.
(b) Mangos.
(c) Mushrooms.
(d) Sunflowers.

6. What is the rooster's name?
(a) Cluck-Cluck.
(b) Del Rio.
(c) Big Paint.
(d) Roosterio.

7. What position does Marx Marvelous pursue with Amanda and John Paul?
(a) Hotdog guru.
(b) Animal tamer.
(c) Priest.
(d) Manager of the zoo.

8. With whom does Mon Cul travel when the circus prepares to move?
(a) Baby Thor.
(b) John Paul.
(c) Amanda.
(d) Plucky.

9. What did Plucky stumble over while walking in the woods?
(a) Mon Cul.
(b) A dead monk.
(c) A gentle grizzly bear.
(d) A woman being mugged.

10. For which college did Plucky play football?
(a) Harvard University.
(b) Duke University.
(c) California Tech.
(d) Texas Tech.

11. Fill in the blank: the name "Marx" was chosen by Marx Marvelous because it triggered America's hatred of _______.
(a) Comedy.
(b) Communism.
(c) Jewish men from New York.
(d) Misspelled names.

12. Why do the rednecks at the bar disapprove of the circus?
(a) They believe they are practicing Satanists.
(b) They find hippies to immoral.
(c) They believe they are dealing drugs to the populace.
(d) They do not approve of the circus as entertainment.

13. With what insect is Marx Marvelous fascinated on a scientific level?
(a) Ants.
(b) Butterflies.
(c) Cockroaches.
(d) Houseflies.

14. What is the name of the society Plucky has accidentally infiltrated?
(a) The Marianists.
(b) The Order of the Stick.
(c) Tibetan Monks from Shang-hai.
(d) Society of the Felicatator.

15. What is the name of Amanda's lover's band in the beginning of "Another Roadside Attraction"?
(a) Long-Haired Freaky People.
(b) Shining On.
(c) Capitalist Pig.
(d) Marxist Tendencies.

Short Answer Questions

1. What dead animal do the Zillers have on display at their zoo?

2. At the end of this section, what new development is revealed when discussing the future fate of John Paul?

3. When John Paul leaves a note for Amanda in the hospital, in what form does he express his sympathies?

4. What is the name of Amanda's small child at the beginning of this novel?

5. What is the name of John Paul's former band?

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