Another Roadside Attraction Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. What is significant about the suitcase found in Miami?

The suitcase is noted as belonging to the "magician" (revealed later in this section to be John Paul Ziller), though it is clear that the seemingly omniscient narrator does not know the man's fate, suggesting that this is a part of the story yet-to-come. Further, the CIA is seen to be involved, suggesting that the coming events are to be felt at, the very least, a national level. Pages from the magician's journal and his underwear are found, though their significance has not yet been explained.

2. Who is Amanda?

Amanda is a free-spirited clairvoyant who approaches life through her own feelings of love, sensuality, and spirituality. She is keenly connected to nature, as evidenced by the strange symbol on her hand and her status as both a mother and a mother-to-be. She is clearly well-loved by her friends and, when he first catches sight of her, John Paul Ziller falls instantly in love.

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