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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 4, pages 294-327, and Part 5.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where are the lumberjacks spotted by Marx and the Zillers?
(a) Movie theater.
(b) Hardware store.
(c) Restaurant.
(d) Church.

2. What suggestion does Amanda give Marx about being able to think clearly on his own the night everyone goes their separate ways to consider the fate of the Corpse?
(a) Smoke marijuana before falling asleep.
(b) Sleep upside down.
(c) Listen to the trees.
(d) Open a window.

3. What self-imposed is inflicting Jesus in Marx's vision?
(a) He has flogged himself.
(b) He has been awake for forty days.
(c) He is fasting.
(d) He has refused beverage for days in the desert.

4. What does Plucky note about the vaults under the Vatican?
(a) Several remain sealed.
(b) They are worth enough to end world hunger.
(c) They are full of stolen treasures.
(d) They are guarded around the clock.

5. According to Amanda, what imbalance in Christianity has caused years of needless violence and bloodshed?
(a) The belief in what will get one into Heaven.
(b) The interpretations of Jesus's words.
(c) The gender dynamics.
(d) The idea of free will versus fate.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is in bed with Amanda when Marx returns home?

2. What concerns Amanda about John Paul's quiet anxiety as they restore their new home?

3. What new character is referenced when the narrator switches time frames after discussing Amanda's time in the hospital?

4. What does Amanda suggest about the FBI agent's anger at her ideas to Marx?

5. Why do the Zillers, Marx, and Plucky find the Second Coming problematic?

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