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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 2, pages 48-83.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Plucky feel about Amanda?
(a) He does not agree with her lifestyle, but likes her as a person.
(b) He is instantly attracted to her.
(c) He feels that she is wrong for John Paul.
(d) He knows that she will be John Paul's downfall.

2. What did Amanda once hide inside a hollow tree in order to trick woodpeckers into pecking the tree?
(a) A stash of food.
(b) A ticking clock.
(c) A fake bird.
(d) A bird's nest.

3. For which college did Plucky play football?
(a) Texas Tech.
(b) California Tech.
(c) Duke University.
(d) Harvard University.

4. What type of vegetation is common to the area in which John Paul and Amanda settle, much to their delight?
(a) Apples.
(b) Sunflowers.
(c) Mangos.
(d) Mushrooms.

5. According to the narrator, what keeps Plucky from having a traditionally handsome face?
(a) His eyes.
(b) His hair color.
(c) His grin.
(d) The scar on his cheek.

Short Answer Questions

1. Calming Amanda's fears about his temperament, what reason does John Paul cite for his detachment as they restore their new home after the disbanding of the circus?

2. With what animal did John Paul Zimmer return to Washington after his studies in Paris?

3. In what state are the Zillers traveling after they leave the circus?

4. What solution does Amanda come up with in regards to their animal-less zoo?

5. Why are the men impressed with Plucky Purcell?

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