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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 4, pages 259-293.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is significant about Marx Marvelous's introduction to John Paul and Amanda?
(a) He proposes to Amanda immediately.
(b) He had been counting on them to post bail.
(c) He tells them he is worried about Mon Cul.
(d) He claims to be an old friend of Plucky's.

2. What is the name of John Paul's former band?
(a) Hoodoo Meat Bucket.
(b) Southern Upstarts.
(c) Long-Haired Freaky People.
(d) Congolese Congo Kings.

3. Why does Amanda appear to flummox the FBI agents in the future?
(a) She is able to smuggle her animals out of the house without their notice.
(b) She nearly forces him to question his reliance on symbols.
(c) She points out that they have done nothing wrong.
(d) She feeds them her marijuana cookies.

4. How does Plucky rid himself of the rednecks?
(a) He uses martial arts.
(b) He sends them in the opposite direction, away from the circus.
(c) He tricks them into being arrested.
(d) He pays them off.

5. Why is Plucky able to pose as Brother Dallas?
(a) His martial arts skills.
(b) He is able to speak German.
(c) He looks identical to him.
(d) He is carrying Brother Dallas's journal.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is the head of the secret society of monks?

2. Calming Amanda's fears about his temperament, what reason does John Paul cite for his detachment as they restore their new home after the disbanding of the circus?

3. What position does Marx Marvelous pursue with Amanda and John Paul?

4. What does Plucky Purcell find in the catacombs of the Vatican?

5. Who is in bed with Amanda when Marx returns home?

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