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Society of the Felicitator - This is a secret organization of assassins.

The Capt. Kendrick Memorial Hot Dog Wildlife Preserve - This place is the home and business of the Ziller family.

Mushrooms - These objects are presented as both edible and, occasionally, deadly.

The Vatican - This is the center of an earthquake that compels one of the characters to escape with the body of an important person.

Sacramento River - This is the location where the circus, due to legal issues, is exiled.

Plucky's Letters - These contain information about a character's secret life as he impersonates a dead monk.

Ziller's Drums - These are the instruments of choice (and lifestyle) for one of the main characters.

Ziller's Loincloth - This is the frequent wardrobe option of one of the main characters.

Bow Wow Mountain - This is the home of a mystical hermit.


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