Another Roadside Attraction Character Descriptions

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Amanda Ziller

This character is young, nature-minded, and concerned with the lack of fertility and feminine aspects within the Bible.

Marx Marvelous

This character has a sharp scientific mind, though a distinct gap in his or her spiritual life.

John Paul Ziller

This character is an artist and a musician who understands the world on a more profound level than the other characters.

Mon Cul

This character is a baboon (though certainly not a pet).

Baby Thor

This character has piercingly electric eyes.

L. Westminster

This impulsive character accidentally infiltrates a society of assassin monks and uncovers great hypocrisies within the Catholic church.

Nearly Normal Jimmy

This character manages a traveling circus.

Smokestack Lightning

This character is an American Indian who performs with a circus.

Father Gutstadt

This character leads a group of assassins and spies.

Brother Dallas

This late character provides the identity for another character to...

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