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Part 1, pages 1-23

• Details are given about the discovery of the magician's suitcase in Miami before the novel reverts to the past.

• Amanda is introduced as a free-spirited young woman, steeped in love, mysticism, and sexuality.

• She attempts to have butterfly larva smuggled into the United States, though her lover and his band (the smugglers) are caught and arrested.
• Amanda joins the Indo-Tibetan Circus and Giant Panda Gypsy Blues Band, revealing her talent as a clairvoyant (though her connections to the spirit world are somewhat uncontrolled).

• John Paul Ziller is introduced as a mysterious artist with an affinity for the African culture, music, and a friendly baboon named Mon Cul.
• Several members of the circus are arrested (per the norm), though their drummer remains incarcerated.

• Nearly Normal Jimmy recruits Ziller to replace the drummer.

• Ziller and Amanda experience intense love at first sight with each other.

Part 1, pages 24-47

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