The Road to Memphis Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. Describe the racism present in The Road to Memphis.

One instance of racism in the story occurs when it is revealed that the buses are segregated. The store that Harris visits is also tended to by a very racist man, who belittles Harris. The schools are also segregated where the blacks must attend one school and the whites attend another.

2. What is one difference between the blacks and whites in the story?

The blacks and whites in the story both drive very different vehicles. The whites drive pick up trucks and cars, while the blacks generally drive wagons.

3. How is dialect used in the story?

Mildred Taylor uses dialect to emphasize the southern setting of the story. Dialect is used to show the Southern accents present in each character's voice. The blacks and whites both have differing accents.

4. What does Stacey's truck represent?

Stacey's truck is representative of freedom and status. The whites are generally the owners of automobiles, so Stacey owning a truck is a very rare occurrence.

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