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This is the city where the group brings Moe in order to get him on a train.


This is the small town where Moe attacks the Aames brothers.


This is the city where Stacey works and where Cassie goes to school.

The Cafe

This is where the group gathers and plans how to get Moe out of Mississippi.

The Gas Station

This is where the group runs into trouble with white men.

The Tree Grove

This is where Moe almost declares his love for Cassie, but is interrupted.

The Train Station

This is where Moe tells Cassie about his love for her.

Ma Dessie's Place

This is where the group must take Clarence when his headache becomes intolerable and he is rejected from the whites-only hospital.

The Logan Farm

This is where the young Jeremy plays with black children and develops his friendships with them...

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