The Road to Memphis Character Descriptions

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Cassie Logan - This character is the 17-year-old narrator of the story.

Stacey Logan - This character is the narrator's older brother, who buys a car.

Moe Turner - This character loses his temper and strikes other characters with a crowbar.

Jeremy Simms - This character is a friend to the Logan family.

Statler Aames - This character is the primary antagonist who tries to start trouble with black people whenever he gets the chance.

Solomon Bradley - This character is a handsome, successful black man who becomes a romantic interest for the narrator.

Clarence Hopkins - This character joins the Army, accompanies the group to Memphis, and dies from an unknown head ailment.

Harris Mitchum - This character falls from a tree and is badly injured.

Sissy Mitchum - This character is a fraternal twin who gives birth.

Papa - This character is the narrator's father...

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