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Chapter 1, A Fine New Car

• Cassie and her brothers are waiting for Stacey, their older brother, to come back from working in Jackson.
• Stacey has purchased a truck, which is not common for blacks in this time.
• Trouble occurs at the Wallace store with Harris and the Aames brothers.
• Charlie, Jeremy's father, forces Stacey and the other boys to help pull his car out of a ditch.

Chapter 2, Friendships

• Jeremy and Stacey have awkward moments related to racial tensions in society.
• Cassie and Moe have an almost-romantic relationship in which he suggests they get married, but she wants to go to college.
• The Logan family discusses the raccoon hunt at dinner.
• Cassie begins to get ready for the hunt.

Chapter 3, The Hunt

• The group goes hunting and is sitting around a fire roasting food when Clarence reveals that he is joining the Army.
• Statler Aames tortures Harris, resulting...

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