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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why did Hamper think that Moore's car would be destroyed at the GM factory?
(a) White collar professionals were not treated kindly at the factory.
(b) Moore drove a Honda.
(c) Moore drove a Chevy.
(d) The factory workers were eager for a fight.

2. How did Hamper and Dave Steel initially bond?
(a) Hamper asked Dave why he stood up to the supervisor.
(b) Over Hamper's article that rock music was dead.
(c) They worked next to each other on the assembly line.
(d) Hamper invited Dave for a drink.

3. Why was Moore fired from Mother Jones?
(a) He refused to curb his sharp tongue.
(b) He constantly clashed with the managing editor.
(c) He was in Flint more than in San Francisco.
(d) He brought poor writers into the magazine.

4. What tattoo did Doug, the steering gear man, have on his arm?
(a) A rodent with the word "shop-rat" above it.
(b) The date he began working at GM in 1976.
(c) His wife's name in blue ink.
(d) A half-naked girl.

5. What aggravated Hamper about his friendship with Janice?
(a) She acted too differently from the male employees.
(b) She wanted to hide their friendship from her husband.
(c) Their coworkers assumed they were sleeping together.
(d) She insisted that she could do everything a man could.

Short Answer Questions

1. What happened as the Rivet Line began to build army trucks?

2. To what does Hamper compare his factory job?

3. Why did Ronny volunteer Hamper and himself for the tailgate buildup job?

4. After four months on the Rivet Line, how did Hamper feel?

5. What did Hamper remember about his interview for the Mother Jones cover story?

Short Essay Questions

1. According to Hamper, why does the reading public not want to read about the working man? Is this a fair assessment?

2. Describe Dave Steel.

3. What was one of Hamper's favorite ways to pass time at work? How is this an interesting facet of his character?

4. Why did General Motors become concerned with the quality of their vehicles? Given Hamper's tone while telling this story, what was his response?

5. What was Hamper's opinion of the Flint Voice when he first read it? What expectations does this create in the reader's mind?

6. Who did Bob-A-Lou have a crush on? What does this reveal about his character and how was he different from most of the other factory workers?

7. During and after his first panic attack, what did Hamper realize about himself?

8. What was Hamper's reaction to the news that Louise Mandrell had ordered a GM Suburban? How does this fit what the reader already knows about Hamper's personality?

9. By the time Janice moved to a different area of the factory, how had she changed? How is this different from what might be expected of a woman working that job?

10. What kind of supervisor was Gino? How did Hamper respond to his leadership?

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