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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why did Hamper not want to write about being a shop-rat, in an article for the Flint Voice?
(a) He did not want his coworkers to be offended.
(b) He thought the topic was boring.
(c) He wanted to pretend work was better than it actually was.
(d) He thought it would be too much work.

2. How did Hamper prepare for his interview for the Mother Jones cover story?
(a) Ate a big dinner and slept eight hours.
(b) Got a haircut and shave at a barbershop.
(c) Reviewed the articles he had written in the past year.
(d) Stayed up all night and got drunk.

3. How did Hamper's supervisor feel when he needed to leave work early because of his breakdown?
(a) The supervisor said he didn't believe Hamper.
(b) Hamper was too stressed to notice the supervisor's response.
(c) The supervisor was angry at being shorthanded.
(d) The supervisor was highly concerned.

4. How did Hamper and Dave Steel initially bond?
(a) Hamper invited Dave for a drink.
(b) Hamper asked Dave why he stood up to the supervisor.
(c) Over Hamper's article that rock music was dead.
(d) They worked next to each other on the assembly line.

5. Why was Jackson afraid of Hamper?
(a) He thought Hamper could instigate a rebellion among the workers.
(b) He thought Hamper would write about him in an article.
(c) He thought Hamper might beat him up some time.
(d) Hamper had blackmail material involving Jackson's drug habit.

Short Answer Questions

1. What did Hamper find most irritating about the message board?

2. What was Hamper and Jerry's scheme for getting extra hours (pg 149)?

3. What incentive did management offer if the assembly line kept the quality high?

4. In pretending that he's competing in the Olympics, who are his opponents?

5. Why did Hamper cringe at the idea of Bob-A-Lou in love with the cafeteria cashier?

Short Essay Questions

1. In the Epilogue, Hamper shows the conflict between his mindset as a shop-rat and his time outside the factory in therapy. How did he show this and which attitude was stronger in his mind?

2. What conversation did Hamper and his grandfather have during the family reunion? How does this fittingly illustrate the difference in their generations?

3. During and after his first panic attack, what did Hamper realize about himself?

4. What kind of relationship did Gino have with his men? Why did this lead to his eventual transfer away from the Rivet Line?

5. Hamper said that working on the Rivet Line was like being paid to flunk high school the rest of your life (pgs 185,188). How might this be true? Why is Hamper content with this lifestyle?

6. Hamper describes Paul Schobel's work techniques through a series of natural metaphors (pg 189). Why is this different from what might be expected? How is it humorous?

7. How did Hamper's fellow factory workers respond to the article in the Wall Street Journal? Given the tone of this part of the story, where did Hamper actually get his happiness?

8. What was one of Hamper's favorite ways to pass time at work? How is this an interesting facet of his character?

9. What did Mike Moore want to do his last night in Flint before he moved to San Francisco? How is this oddly fitting?

10. According to Hamper, why does the reading public not want to read about the working man? Is this a fair assessment?

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