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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did Hamper do during his vacation?
(a) Slept in and drank beer.
(b) Went to Chicago because he'd never been there before.
(c) Went to San Francisco to visit Moore.
(d) Promoted his cover story for Mother Jones.

2. What was the rationale behind the "shopera" that Dave and Hamper composed?
(a) They deserved to be heard as much as anyone else.
(b) Shop-rats, rather than rock stars, should sing about the tough life.
(c) They wanted to inspire the next generation of blue collar workers.
(d) Shop-rats have artistic talents rather than mere job skills.

3. In pretending that he's competing in the Olympics, who are his opponents?
(a) Chinese.
(b) Japanese.
(c) Brazilians.
(d) Germans.

4. What job did Jan, Hamper's second wife, have?
(a) Shoprat.
(b) Bank clerk.
(c) Teacher.
(d) News anchor.

5. What was Hamper's favorite way to pass time at work?
(a) Chain-smoke Chestertons and get drunk.
(b) Pretend his job was an Olympic event.
(c) Play pranks on the men around him.
(d) Laugh at Hank's obvious personality swings.

Short Answer Questions

1. What was the goal of rivet hockey?

2. How was Paul injured on the Rivet Line?

3. Why was Hamper familiar with Michael Moore?

4. When was Hamper asked for an autograph by an ambitious husband?

5. What happened to the man who tried to kill his coworker?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why did General Motors become concerned with the quality of their vehicles? Given Hamper's tone while telling this story, what was his response?

2. Who did Bob-A-Lou have a crush on? What does this reveal about his character and how was he different from most of the other factory workers?

3. Why were Moore and Hamper summoned to appear in court? How does this scene demonstrate Hamper's chosen place in the world?

4. Hamper describes Paul Schobel's work techniques through a series of natural metaphors (pg 189). Why is this different from what might be expected? How is it humorous?

5. What difficulty did Hamper run into as he tried to get a visitor's pass for Alex Kotlowitz, the reporter from the Wall Street Journal? How does this difficulty illustrate the vast difference between the factory worker and the corporate man, even within the same company?

6. What conversation did Hamper and his grandfather have during the family reunion? How does this fittingly illustrate the difference in their generations?

7. "It wasn't every afternoon that I received long-distance phone call from folks at the Wall Street Journal. I didn't remember having any friends who worked there and I was certain that I didn't owe these people any money (pg 171). What do these two sentences reveal about Hamper's character?

8. Hamper said that working on the Rivet Line was like being paid to flunk high school the rest of your life (pgs 185,188). How might this be true? Why is Hamper content with this lifestyle?

9. What new vehicle was the factory hired to build? How was this, written in Hamper's account of life, a sign of the times?

10. What was one of Hamper's favorite ways to pass time at work? How is this an interesting facet of his character?

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