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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. At the beginning of Chapter Six, as Hamper explains, what do the rednecks on the Rivet Line collect?
(a) Sick days.
(b) Beer caps.
(c) Broken rivet heads.
(d) Banana stickers.

2. To what did Hamper compare Dave's styled hair?
(a) An exotic bird.
(b) An old woman's nightmare.
(c) A defective suburban.
(d) The Eiffel Tower.

3. Why did Hamper refuse to enroll in an outpatient mental health center?
(a) That would mean interacting with people.
(b) He did not want to just because his doctor insisted on it.
(c) It would have meant drinking less.
(d) He did not have the money for it at the time.

4. Why did Polson, another shop-rat, become angry at Hamper?
(a) Polson could not stand Hamper's pranks at work.
(b) Hamper had written an angry article about the Rivet Line.
(c) Hamper was trying to get a manager position over Polson.
(d) Hamper had written a disparaging article about deer hunting.

5. Why did Hamper not stay with Mother Jones when Moore was fired?
(a) He felt a great loyalty to Moore.
(b) He did not trust the new editor.
(c) He was tired of cranking out articles.
(d) He was not being paid enough money.

Short Answer Questions

1. Paul took over Janice's job on the Rivet Line; where had he worked before?

2. Why was it difficult to get a visitor's pass for Alex, the reporter from The Wall Street Journal?

3. What incentive did management offer if the assembly line kept the quality high?

4. How was Paul injured on the Rivet Line?

5. Why did Hamper change his mind about filming at Mark's Lounge?

Short Essay Questions

1. What kind of supervisor was Gino? How did Hamper respond to his leadership?

2. What did Mike Moore want to do his last night in Flint before he moved to San Francisco? How is this oddly fitting?

3. What arrangement did Paul and Hamper scheme up at work? How did Hamper justify this, even to the point of making it appear right?

4. How did the men on the Rivet Line deal with the supervisor sent in to replace Gino? How was this a sign that they are powerful?

5. According to Hamper, why does the reading public not want to read about the working man? Is this a fair assessment?

6. Describe Dave Steel.

7. Why were Moore and Hamper summoned to appear in court? How does this scene demonstrate Hamper's chosen place in the world?

8. "It wasn't every afternoon that I received long-distance phone call from folks at the Wall Street Journal. I didn't remember having any friends who worked there and I was certain that I didn't owe these people any money (pg 171). What do these two sentences reveal about Hamper's character?

9. What was Hamper's opinion of the Flint Voice when he first read it? What expectations does this create in the reader's mind?

10. What conversation did Hamper and his grandfather have during the family reunion? How does this fittingly illustrate the difference in their generations?

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