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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why was Hamper's mom the primary breadwinner in the family?
(a) His dad didn't hold down a job very long.
(b) His mom preferred to work as stay home.
(c) His dad was frequently in jail.
(d) His mom had better job skills than his dad did.

2. Why did Hamper's dad yell at him for his bad grades?
(a) He wanted his son to avoid the life of a factory worker.
(b) He wanted his wife to be proud of all their kids.
(c) He cared about achieving more and looking better than the neighbors.
(d) Education was important to him.

3. Why did Hamper never beat his dad up when he was being lectured?
(a) His mom was always there to make sure they did not hit each other.
(b) He was often on acid and just laughed at his dad.
(c) He was too scared.
(d) He tried but his dad beat him up instead.

4. What was Hamper's first impression of the crew of men he was called in with the first day?
(a) They were lazy men.
(b) They were thrilled to be there for a job.
(c) They were sluggish, unskilled men.
(d) They were high school drop-outs.

5. What was the name of the new school that combined all local Catholic high schools?
(a) Luke Powers High School.
(b) Holy Redeemer High School.
(c) St. Agnes High School.
(d) St. Michael High School.

Short Answer Questions

1. What did Hamper think was Dan-O's most amusing prank?

2. What car part did Hamper's father install at the factory?

3. What was the name of Hamper's first supervisor?

4. Why did Hamper like spending time at Joanie's house?

5. Where did Lightnin' sleep during every work shift?

Short Essay Questions

1. "I'm thinking that rock stars, even dead ones, don't come cheap" (pg xix). In the context of the Prologue, what does this quote mean?

2. What system did Dale and Hamper rig up at work? How did this again change Hamper's attitude toward his job?

3. When did the GM assembly line begin to look like an attractive option to Hamper? How did this demonstrate a change in Hamper's thinking?

4. At the end of Chapter 1, what did Hamper reveal about his hopes for the future? What insight did he show about the past?

5. What is Hamper's first exposure to the true culture of the Cab Shop? How did this dramatically change his attitude toward work?

6. What did Hamper say about his younger siblings? How did this give the reader another glimpse of family life?

7. When Hamper tells the story of people who disagree with the shop-rats' drinking, he writes much of the story in capital letters. What literary effect does this visual change have on the story?

8. What pattern emerged in junior-high that led Hamper to consider the life of a shop-rat? How did he begin to identify with his family who had worked in the factory?

9. Who were Lightnin' and Same-O? What did their lives say about Hamper's future?

10. What promises did the Plant Manager make during the factory meeting? How did Hamper's retelling of the speech change its tone?

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