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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How much time passed between Hamper's first breakdown and his second?
(a) Two days.
(b) A week.
(c) Five days.
(d) Eight hours.

2. How did Hamper prepare for his interview for the Mother Jones cover story?
(a) Got a haircut and shave at a barbershop.
(b) Ate a big dinner and slept eight hours.
(c) Reviewed the articles he had written in the past year.
(d) Stayed up all night and got drunk.

3. After four months on the Rivet Line, how did Hamper feel?
(a) That he had fulfilled his destiny in life.
(b) That he was getting bored.
(c) That he would go crazy if he didn't escape.
(d) That he deserved to move to a better job within the company.

4. What happened when Hamper wanted to get out of his move to Pontiac
(a) GM would not let him out of a signed contract.
(b) He was fired immediately.
(c) The union representative said he would pull some strings so he could stay.
(d) He was told he'd have to see if his job would still remain in two years.

5. What did Hamper call his "real attraction to David Steel" (pg 98)?
(a) Both men loved classic rock.
(b) Dave was more cynical and gloomy than he was.
(c) Dave was always cracking jokes.
(d) Both men felt they were destined to be shoprats.

6. How did Hamper and Dave Steel initially bond?
(a) Hamper invited Dave for a drink.
(b) Hamper asked Dave why he stood up to the supervisor.
(c) Over Hamper's article that rock music was dead.
(d) They worked next to each other on the assembly line.

7. What was the supervisor's reaction when Hamper and Paul doubled up their jobs?
(a) He told them to stop doubling up or he'd move one of them off the Rivet Line.
(b) He didn't care as long as the work was getting done.
(c) He did not know they left.
(d) He just didn't want to know where they went.

8. What was the primary reason that Henry Jackson, the supervisor, hated Dave?
(a) Dave was more intelligent than Henry.
(b) Dave was not afraid to stand up to him.
(c) Dave wanted his job.
(d) They had been competitive with each other since high school.

9. Why did Hamper not stay with Mother Jones when Moore was fired?
(a) He was not being paid enough money.
(b) He did not trust the new editor.
(c) He felt a great loyalty to Moore.
(d) He was tired of cranking out articles.

10. As Hamper begins Chapter Five, what does he think is the worst part of unemployment?
(a) The unemployment line.
(b) Less money.
(c) No job security.
(d) His mother hassling him to get a job.

11. While visiting the factory, what did Moore really want to do?
(a) Hit a couple rivets.
(b) Talk to all Hamper's coworkers.
(c) Drink a beer with the guys.
(d) Talk to Howie Makem.

12. What two different personalities did Hank exhibit?
(a) Quiet employee and bossy supervisor.
(b) Hard worker and slacker.
(c) Drunkard and teetotaler.
(d) Pervert and saint.

13. While meeting the producer from 60 Minutes, why was Hamper nervous?
(a) There was a lot of light and plants.
(b) The producer was an anxious, jittery man.
(c) He was afraid he would say the wrong thing.
(d) A lot of people wanted his autograph.

14. What was the plot line of the movie Dave and Hamper planned to film?
(a) A day in the life of a shop-rat.
(b) The history of the car assembly line.
(c) The factory as it would stand in one hundred years.
(d) The deaths of several supervisors.

15. What nearby bar did Hamper and his coworkers often go to after work?
(a) Nick's Pub.
(b) Andy's Tavern.
(c) Mark's Lounge.
(d) Jerry's Bar.

Short Answer Questions

1. What happened to the man who tried to kill his coworker?

2. Why did Hamper not want to write about being a shop-rat, in an article for the Flint Voice?

3. What did Howie do when he began touring the factory again?

4. What was Hamper's favorite way to pass time at work?

5. What was Hamper's problem with his job on the axle line?

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