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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why did Hamper take a long time learning his job on the Rivet Line?
(a) He was hoping to be transferred somewhere else.
(b) He was lazy and did not want to learn it.
(c) His coworker didn't know how to train him very well.
(d) It was a difficult job.

2. What did Howie do when he began touring the factory again?
(a) Inspired confidence like he had done before.
(b) Bounded around to check the quality of people's work.
(c) Walked slowly and did not interact with the employees.
(d) Became the butt of everyone's jokes.

3. What was the supervisor's reaction when Hamper and Paul doubled up their jobs?
(a) He told them to stop doubling up or he'd move one of them off the Rivet Line.
(b) He did not know they left.
(c) He didn't care as long as the work was getting done.
(d) He just didn't want to know where they went.

4. While reading The Wall Street Journal article, what did Hamper realize?
(a) The working class survivors were a pitiful lot.
(b) He would rather be a writer than a factory worker.
(c) The working class survivors were the backbone of America.
(d) The average American was not interested in the working class survivors.

5. Why did Hamper change his mind about filming at Mark's Lounge?
(a) He had an argument with Mark and didn't want to go back.
(b) The lounge burned down the night before.
(c) Two waitresses were attacked there the night before.
(d) The NBC producers were leery of going there.

6. At the beginning of Chapter Six, as Hamper explains, what do the rednecks on the Rivet Line collect?
(a) Broken rivet heads.
(b) Sick days.
(c) Banana stickers.
(d) Beer caps.

7. Why did Hamper not stay with Mother Jones when Moore was fired?
(a) He was tired of cranking out articles.
(b) He did not trust the new editor.
(c) He felt a great loyalty to Moore.
(d) He was not being paid enough money.

8. Why did Hamper cringe at the idea of Bob-A-Lou in love with the cafeteria cashier?
(a) He thought Bob-A-Lou could do better than her.
(b) He was hoping to set Bob-A-Lou up with his cousin.
(c) Bob-A-Lou was too jaded for the sweet cashier.
(d) The cashier was slutty and Bob-A-Lou was a hopeless romantic.

9. Why did Hamper refuse to enroll in an outpatient mental health center?
(a) He did not want to just because his doctor insisted on it.
(b) That would mean interacting with people.
(c) It would have meant drinking less.
(d) He did not have the money for it at the time.

10. Why was the Good Times Lounge lawsuit dropped?
(a) The owner realized he could not win the case.
(b) Moore negotiated an out-of-court settlement.
(c) The owner moved to Alaska.
(d) The judge threatened to throw out the case.

11. What aggravated Hamper about his friendship with Janice?
(a) She insisted that she could do everything a man could.
(b) She wanted to hide their friendship from her husband.
(c) Their coworkers assumed they were sleeping together.
(d) She acted too differently from the male employees.

12. Why does Hamper want to avoid his grandfather at the family reunion?
(a) His grandfather thinks he needs to get another job.
(b) His grandfather would rail him about unemployment benefits.
(c) His grandfather thinks he's his son rather than his grandson.
(d) His grandfather never worked as a shoprat so he can't understand Hamper's life.

13. When did Hamper experience his last breakdown?
(a) June 1990.
(b) April 1988.
(c) February 1992.
(d) November 1995.

14. Paul took over Janice's job on the Rivet Line; where had he worked before?
(a) The foundry.
(b) 7-Eleven.
(c) The body shop.
(d) The tailgate line.

15. Why did Hamper think that Moore's car would be destroyed at the GM factory?
(a) Moore drove a Chevy.
(b) The factory workers were eager for a fight.
(c) Moore drove a Honda.
(d) White collar professionals were not treated kindly at the factory.

Short Answer Questions

1. While meeting the producer from 60 Minutes, why was Hamper nervous?

2. How did Hamper's supervisor feel when he needed to leave work early because of his breakdown?

3. As Hamper begins Chapter Five, what does he think is the worst part of unemployment?

4. What victory did Hamper enjoy, though the Olympic gold medal wasn't real?

5. What tattoo did Doug, the steering gear man, have on his arm?

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