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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How did Hamper and Dave Steel initially bond?
(a) Hamper asked Dave why he stood up to the supervisor.
(b) Over Hamper's article that rock music was dead.
(c) They worked next to each other on the assembly line.
(d) Hamper invited Dave for a drink.

2. When Hamper had to go into corporate offices to request Alex's visitor pass, why was he nervous?
(a) The buildings were too fancy.
(b) He thought the businessmen would look down on him.
(c) He was never sure how to act.
(d) The offices felt like tombs.

3. When Hamper is contacted by The Wall Street Journal, what does his boss Gino call the paper?
(a) The Water Journal.
(b) The Walleye Journal.
(c) The Walling Journal.
(d) Harper's Bazaar.

4. Approximately how long was Hamper unemployed before being called back to work?
(a) Three months.
(b) Six months.
(c) Nine months.
(d) A year.

5. What happened to the man who tried to kill his coworker?
(a) He was suspended for two weeks.
(b) He was written up.
(c) He was fired immediately.
(d) He was charged with attempted murder but not convicted.

6. In pretending that he's competing in the Olympics, who are his opponents?
(a) Germans.
(b) Brazilians.
(c) Chinese.
(d) Japanese.

7. What two different personalities did Hank exhibit?
(a) Pervert and saint.
(b) Hard worker and slacker.
(c) Quiet employee and bossy supervisor.
(d) Drunkard and teetotaler.

8. What aggravated Hamper about his friendship with Janice?
(a) Their coworkers assumed they were sleeping together.
(b) She insisted that she could do everything a man could.
(c) She acted too differently from the male employees.
(d) She wanted to hide their friendship from her husband.

9. When was Hamper asked for an autograph by an ambitious husband?
(a) When he was leaving the factory for the last time.
(b) As he was getting into his car to leave the factory.
(c) As he was driving to his mental health group.
(d) When he was hitting rivets during his last shif.

10. What did Hamper find most irritating about the message board?
(a) It flashed a shade of orange that he hated.
(b) It only told him uninteresting stuff he already knew.
(c) He could not read one message before it changed to the next.
(d) It was directly in his line of vision.

11. Why was Gino moved from his position as supervisor on the Rivet Line?
(a) He was not really doing his job anymore.
(b) He had become too friendly with the workers.
(c) His men were turning out poor quality work.
(d) He came to work drunk quite often.

12. Why did Hamper hate the new supervisor, Calvin Moza?
(a) Moza was not afraid to write out penalties.
(b) Moza condemned everything he had been doing the week before.
(c) Moza was cruel and hard headed.
(d) Moza could not control any of the men.

13. What happened when Hamper wanted to get out of his move to Pontiac
(a) He was fired immediately.
(b) GM would not let him out of a signed contract.
(c) The union representative said he would pull some strings so he could stay.
(d) He was told he'd have to see if his job would still remain in two years.

14. Why was Hamper given a $2,700 check?
(a) Bonus from a bill Jimmy Carter had put through.
(b) Bonus for restarting his job at GM.
(c) Incentive to come back to work at GM, since he was already trained.
(d) Disability payment because he had injured his back at work.

15. What was the primary reason that Henry Jackson, the supervisor, hated Dave?
(a) Dave was not afraid to stand up to him.
(b) Dave wanted his job.
(c) They had been competitive with each other since high school.
(d) Dave was more intelligent than Henry.

Short Answer Questions

1. What was Hamper's advice for working thirty years in the factory?

2. Why did Hamper refuse to enroll in an outpatient mental health center?

3. What was the goal of rivet hockey?

4. What was the rationale behind the "shopera" that Dave and Hamper composed?

5. How did Hamper prepare for his interview for the Mother Jones cover story?

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