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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why was Hamper given a $2,700 check?
(a) Bonus for restarting his job at GM.
(b) Bonus from a bill Jimmy Carter had put through.
(c) Disability payment because he had injured his back at work.
(d) Incentive to come back to work at GM, since he was already trained.

2. Why did Hamper want to wear the Howie costume head?
(a) He wanted to prove that Howie was not real.
(b) He wanted to prove he could break into any locked room.
(c) He wanted a Halloween costume.
(d) He wanted to be the quantity control mascot.

3. Why did Hamper sign the transfer paper to move to Pontiac?
(a) He would have been fired immediately if he did not.
(b) He thought it would be a good career move.
(c) The union did not give him any choice.
(d) Otherwise he would have been out of a job within two years.

4. Why was Moore fired from Mother Jones?
(a) He brought poor writers into the magazine.
(b) He constantly clashed with the managing editor.
(c) He was in Flint more than in San Francisco.
(d) He refused to curb his sharp tongue.

5. What did Hamper do during his vacation?
(a) Promoted his cover story for Mother Jones.
(b) Went to Chicago because he'd never been there before.
(c) Went to San Francisco to visit Moore.
(d) Slept in and drank beer.

6. Who did Bob-A-Lou marry?
(a) A woman in the Philippines.
(b) Hamper's cousin.
(c) A woman who worked in the Finishing Line at GM.
(d) The cafeteria cashier.

7. What was the subject matter of Dave and Hamper's "shopera" (pg 195)
(a) A shop-rat's life.
(b) Assembly line labor.
(c) Their lives outside the factory walls.
(d) The imagined lives of their supervisors.

8. Why did Hamper not want to write about being a shop-rat, in an article for the Flint Voice?
(a) He thought the topic was boring.
(b) He did not want his coworkers to be offended.
(c) He thought it would be too much work.
(d) He wanted to pretend work was better than it actually was.

9. What was Hamper's favorite way to pass time at work?
(a) Laugh at Hank's obvious personality swings.
(b) Play pranks on the men around him.
(c) Pretend his job was an Olympic event.
(d) Chain-smoke Chestertons and get drunk.

10. When was Hamper asked for an autograph by an ambitious husband?
(a) As he was driving to his mental health group.
(b) When he was hitting rivets during his last shif.
(c) As he was getting into his car to leave the factory.
(d) When he was leaving the factory for the last time.

11. What nearby bar did Hamper and his coworkers often go to after work?
(a) Andy's Tavern.
(b) Nick's Pub.
(c) Mark's Lounge.
(d) Jerry's Bar.

12. Why does Hamper want to avoid his grandfather at the family reunion?
(a) His grandfather thinks he's his son rather than his grandson.
(b) His grandfather would rail him about unemployment benefits.
(c) His grandfather never worked as a shoprat so he can't understand Hamper's life.
(d) His grandfather thinks he needs to get another job.

13. Approximately how long was Hamper unemployed before being called back to work?
(a) Six months.
(b) Three months.
(c) Nine months.
(d) A year.

14. While meeting the producer from 60 Minutes, why was Hamper nervous?
(a) The producer was an anxious, jittery man.
(b) There was a lot of light and plants.
(c) A lot of people wanted his autograph.
(d) He was afraid he would say the wrong thing.

15. When Hamper had to go into corporate offices to request Alex's visitor pass, why was he nervous?
(a) The offices felt like tombs.
(b) He was never sure how to act.
(c) The buildings were too fancy.
(d) He thought the businessmen would look down on him.

Short Answer Questions

1. At the beginning of the Epilogue, what sport was Hamper playing?

2. Why did Hamper cringe at the idea of Bob-A-Lou in love with the cafeteria cashier?

3. Why did Hamper not stay with Mother Jones when Moore was fired?

4. At the beginning of Chapter Six, as Hamper explains, what do the rednecks on the Rivet Line collect?

5. What was Hamper's problem with his job on the axle line?

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