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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why did Hamper begin writing?
(a) He was hoping to move out of the factory into publishing.
(b) His sister thought he would have a lot of success as a writer.
(c) He was unemployed again and bored.
(d) He wanted to tell his story.

2. Why did Hamper want to wear the Howie costume head?
(a) He wanted to be the quantity control mascot.
(b) He wanted to prove he could break into any locked room.
(c) He wanted to prove that Howie was not real.
(d) He wanted a Halloween costume.

3. When the Good Times Lounge sued Hamper, how much money did the owner want?
(a) Fifteen thousand dollars.
(b) Five thousand dollars.
(c) Ten thousand dollars.
(d) No money but a written apology.

4. Why was Gino moved from his position as supervisor on the Rivet Line?
(a) He was not really doing his job anymore.
(b) His men were turning out poor quality work.
(c) He came to work drunk quite often.
(d) He had become too friendly with the workers.

5. What victory did Hamper enjoy, though the Olympic gold medal wasn't real?
(a) He was working ahead so that he could take a break.
(b) He was the fastest worker on the Rivet Line.
(c) The clock hand moved a couple more minutes.
(d) He had beaten a personal record for one truck.

6. What did Hamper find most irritating about the message board?
(a) It only told him uninteresting stuff he already knew.
(b) He could not read one message before it changed to the next.
(c) It was directly in his line of vision.
(d) It flashed a shade of orange that he hated.

7. When did Hamper experience his last breakdown?
(a) February 1992.
(b) June 1990.
(c) November 1995.
(d) April 1988.

8. Why did Hamper change his mind about filming at Mark's Lounge?
(a) The lounge burned down the night before.
(b) The NBC producers were leery of going there.
(c) He had an argument with Mark and didn't want to go back.
(d) Two waitresses were attacked there the night before.

9. When did Hamper's first breakdown occur?
(a) December 1986.
(b) July 1986.
(c) April 1992.
(d) August 1983.

10. What distracted Hamper most from the breakdowns?
(a) Watching TV.
(b) Drinking alcohol.
(c) Sleeping.
(d) Talking with his girlfriend.

11. What did Hamper do during his vacation?
(a) Slept in and drank beer.
(b) Promoted his cover story for Mother Jones.
(c) Went to Chicago because he'd never been there before.
(d) Went to San Francisco to visit Moore.

12. Why does Hamper want to avoid his grandfather at the family reunion?
(a) His grandfather thinks he's his son rather than his grandson.
(b) His grandfather would rail him about unemployment benefits.
(c) His grandfather never worked as a shoprat so he can't understand Hamper's life.
(d) His grandfather thinks he needs to get another job.

13. What did Howie do when he began touring the factory again?
(a) Bounded around to check the quality of people's work.
(b) Became the butt of everyone's jokes.
(c) Inspired confidence like he had done before.
(d) Walked slowly and did not interact with the employees.

14. Why did Hamper not stay with Mother Jones when Moore was fired?
(a) He felt a great loyalty to Moore.
(b) He did not trust the new editor.
(c) He was not being paid enough money.
(d) He was tired of cranking out articles.

15. Why did Hamper hate the new supervisor, Calvin Moza?
(a) Moza condemned everything he had been doing the week before.
(b) Moza was not afraid to write out penalties.
(c) Moza could not control any of the men.
(d) Moza was cruel and hard headed.

Short Answer Questions

1. At the beginning of Chapter Six, as Hamper explains, what do the rednecks on the Rivet Line collect?

2. What aggravated Hamper about his friendship with Janice?

3. Why was Hamper proud to build a suburban for the celebrity Louise Mandrell?

4. What was Hamper and Jerry's scheme for getting extra hours (pg 149)?

5. While meeting the producer from 60 Minutes, why was Hamper nervous?

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