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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why was Gino moved from his position as supervisor on the Rivet Line?
(a) He came to work drunk quite often.
(b) His men were turning out poor quality work.
(c) He had become too friendly with the workers.
(d) He was not really doing his job anymore.

2. Why did Ronny volunteer Hamper and himself for the tailgate buildup job?
(a) They'd have the ability to double-up the jobs.
(b) It was the only open job left.
(c) He wanted to work with Hamper.
(d) It was the easiest job in the Jungle.

3. How did Hamper and Dave Steel initially bond?
(a) Hamper asked Dave why he stood up to the supervisor.
(b) Over Hamper's article that rock music was dead.
(c) They worked next to each other on the assembly line.
(d) Hamper invited Dave for a drink.

4. When Hamper is contacted by The Wall Street Journal, what does his boss Gino call the paper?
(a) The Water Journal.
(b) The Walling Journal.
(c) The Walleye Journal.
(d) Harper's Bazaar.

5. What was the goal of rivet hockey?
(a) To kick the rivet back and forth as long as possible.
(b) To kick a rivet into a cardboard box.
(c) To land a rivet on the rafters.
(d) To hit a coworker's shins or ankles.

6. How much time passed between Hamper's first breakdown and his second?
(a) Eight hours.
(b) Two days.
(c) A week.
(d) Five days.

7. After four months on the Rivet Line, how did Hamper feel?
(a) That he deserved to move to a better job within the company.
(b) That he would go crazy if he didn't escape.
(c) That he had fulfilled his destiny in life.
(d) That he was getting bored.

8. When did Hamper's first breakdown occur?
(a) December 1986.
(b) August 1983.
(c) April 1992.
(d) July 1986.

9. What tattoo did Doug, the steering gear man, have on his arm?
(a) His wife's name in blue ink.
(b) The date he began working at GM in 1976.
(c) A rodent with the word "shop-rat" above it.
(d) A half-naked girl.

10. What was the supervisor's reaction when Hamper and Paul doubled up their jobs?
(a) He just didn't want to know where they went.
(b) He told them to stop doubling up or he'd move one of them off the Rivet Line.
(c) He did not know they left.
(d) He didn't care as long as the work was getting done.

11. To what does Hamper compare his factory job?
(a) Living the mental equivalent of a frog's life.
(b) Getting paid to flunk high school.
(c) Getting paid to make future rust buckets.
(d) Living the life of tedium mixed with drunkenness.

12. What was Dave's attitude toward humanity?
(a) He liked people only if they benefited him directly.
(b) He disliked everyone, often including Hamper.
(c) He ignored people.
(d) He was sociable and outgoing.

13. How much money would Hamper make writing articles for Mother Jones?
(a) $2 per word.
(b) $4000 per year.
(c) $850 per article.
(d) $100 per article.

14. What did Hamper call his "real attraction to David Steel" (pg 98)?
(a) Dave was more cynical and gloomy than he was.
(b) Both men felt they were destined to be shoprats.
(c) Both men loved classic rock.
(d) Dave was always cracking jokes.

15. Why did Hamper sign the transfer paper to move to Pontiac?
(a) The union did not give him any choice.
(b) Otherwise he would have been out of a job within two years.
(c) He thought it would be a good career move.
(d) He would have been fired immediately if he did not.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why did Hamper refuse to enroll in an outpatient mental health center?

2. What was Hamper's advice for working thirty years in the factory?

3. While meeting the producer from 60 Minutes, why was Hamper nervous?

4. What happened as the Rivet Line began to build army trucks?

5. What happened when Hamper wanted to get out of his move to Pontiac

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