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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did Roy eventually do to his pet mouse?
(a) Stepped on it.
(b) Set it free from the cardboard box.
(c) Trapped it in the wheel well he was constructing.
(d) Incinerated it with the welder's torch.

2. During his first stint at GM, what part of the cars did Hamper work on?
(a) Bumpers.
(b) Windshields.
(c) Dashboard interiors.
(d) Rear wheel wells.

3. How did management generally run the factory?
(a) Every rule must be followed completely.
(b) Hear no evil, see no evil.
(c) Any employee who's a favorite can do whatever he wants.
(d) Follow the letter of the law but not necessarily the spirit.

4. As told in Chapter Four, how much money did Hamper make while working at the factory?
(a) $9.82 an hour.
(b) $200 a shift.
(c) $12.82 an hour.
(d) $15.33 an hour.

5. At work, what did Dan-O like to do?
(a) Read.
(b) Drink beer.
(c) Play practical jokes.
(d) Sleep.

6. Approximately how long was Hamper's father gone?
(a) Eighteen months.
(b) Six months.
(c) A year.
(d) One month.

7. While painting apartments, why did Hamper become friends with Glen?
(a) Their wives had been friends for several months.
(b) Glen lived in the building.
(c) Glen often stopped by to say hi.
(d) They were in identical situations.

8. At the end of Chapter Four, where was Hamper writing the book?
(a) In a drafty shed.
(b) In a bar.
(c) In his girlfriend's living room.
(d) In his kitchen.

9. How did Hamper and Joanie overcome their initial shyness toward each other?
(a) By taking drugs.
(b) By spending time.
(c) By going to concerts.
(d) By failing history.

10. What did Hamper's mom hope he'd do once he finished high school?
(a) Work at GM.
(b) Join the army.
(c) Go to business school.
(d) Go to seminary.

11. Why did GM not hire Hamper when he wanted to apply?
(a) They did not want to hire any more Hampers.
(b) During the recession, the factory wasn't hiring.
(c) He had to be twenty-one to work there.
(d) He did not have good job references.

12. How did the assembly-line workers originally run their radio?
(a) With 9-volt batteries.
(b) With a car battery.
(c) By plugging into a factory outlet.
(d) By tuning into the factory loudspeaker.

13. What was the trickiest part of doubling-up, as Hamper and Dale did?
(a) Punching out.
(b) Keeping up to speed.
(c) Explaining your partner's absence to the supervisor.
(d) Punching in.

14. What was Roy's plan for his job?
(a) Work hard and move into management.
(b) Work ninety days and then get workman's compensation.
(c) Work just enough to keep his job.
(d) Work for thirty years so he could have a good retirement plan.

15. At the beginning of Chapter Three, what reason did Hamper give that Joanie was unhappy in their marriage?
(a) They lived in a bad neighborhood and Hamper did not care.
(b) They were not going anywhere in life.
(c) She wanted a different job.
(d) She wanted more children.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where did Lightnin' sleep during every work shift?

2. Why was Hamper expelled from his Catholic high school?

3. At the factory, when was the most popular time to drink?

4. According to Hamper's theory, why did the shop-rats listen to that kind of music?

5. As Hamper began high school, what was his only plan for his life?

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