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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did Roy eventually do to his pet mouse?
(a) Incinerated it with the welder's torch.
(b) Stepped on it.
(c) Set it free from the cardboard box.
(d) Trapped it in the wheel well he was constructing.

2. At the beginning of Chapter Three, what reason did Hamper give that Joanie was unhappy in their marriage?
(a) She wanted more children.
(b) She wanted a different job.
(c) They lived in a bad neighborhood and Hamper did not care.
(d) They were not going anywhere in life.

3. What was Roy's plan for his job?
(a) Work ninety days and then get workman's compensation.
(b) Work for thirty years so he could have a good retirement plan.
(c) Work just enough to keep his job.
(d) Work hard and move into management.

4. What was Hamper's first impression of the crew of men he was called in with the first day?
(a) They were sluggish, unskilled men.
(b) They were lazy men.
(c) They were thrilled to be there for a job.
(d) They were high school drop-outs.

5. Why was Hamper raised as a Catholic?
(a) His mother was very traditional.
(b) So he could go to Catholic school and get a good education.
(c) So he would be guaranteed a place in heaven.
(d) His parents were devout Catholics.

6. Why did Hamper's dad often denounce African-Americans?
(a) He wanted to raise his children to be white supremacists.
(b) He was genuinely racist.
(c) He had an on-going feud with an African-American man at work.
(d) He wanted to deflect his guilt onto someone else.

7. How long did Hamper work before being laid off for the first time?
(a) Five years.
(b) One year.
(c) Two years.
(d) Four years.

8. What car part did Hamper's father install at the factory?
(a) The windshield.
(b) The bumper.
(c) The dash wires.
(d) The wheel rivets.

9. Why did Hamper like spending time at Joanie's house?
(a) Her mother cooked great food.
(b) She had no siblings.
(c) Her siblings were well-behaved.
(d) Her father was friendly and fair.

10. What happened one day when Hamper left journalism class on drugs?
(a) He could not figure out how to turn the car on.
(b) He drove the wrong car out of the parking lot.
(c) He hit a tuba player in the marching band.
(d) He hit a parked car.

11. Why, primarily, did GM management not crack down on the employees' drinking during work?
(a) As long as production continued, they didn't care.
(b) Management did not realize the employees were drinking at work.
(c) Management drank as much at work as the shop-rats did.
(d) It was too much work to police every employee.

12. As Hamper began high school, what was his only plan for his life?
(a) Not to work at GM or become a drunkard.
(b) To drink and sleep with lots of girls.
(c) To work at GM like his ancestors.
(d) To become a sensational radio personality.

13. Why did Hamper never beat his dad up when he was being lectured?
(a) He was too scared.
(b) His mom was always there to make sure they did not hit each other.
(c) He was often on acid and just laughed at his dad.
(d) He tried but his dad beat him up instead.

14. How long was Hamper given to learn his job?
(a) One day.
(b) Three days.
(c) Two day.
(d) One week.

15. What job did Dale hold during the first part of his day?
(a) Tax accountant.
(b) Horse rancher.
(c) Pig farmer.
(d) Traffic cop.

Short Answer Questions

1. What plans did Hamper and Dale have together for their careers?

2. Why did Hamper's parents fight?

3. Why did the supervisors add another task to Hamper and Dale's job?

4. As told in Chapter Four, how much money did Hamper make while working at the factory?

5. Why did absenteeism increase greatly on Fridays?

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