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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why did Hamper's dad often denounce African-Americans?
(a) He wanted to raise his children to be white supremacists.
(b) He wanted to deflect his guilt onto someone else.
(c) He had an on-going feud with an African-American man at work.
(d) He was genuinely racist.

2. What was the job Hamper first wanted to have?
(a) Construction worker.
(b) Factory worker.
(c) Ambulance driver.
(d) Airline pilot.

3. In the summer and fall of 1977, how many hours a day did Hamper work?
(a) Twelve.
(b) Nine.
(c) Eight.
(d) Fourteen.

4. What did Hamper's mom hope he'd do once he finished high school?
(a) Go to business school.
(b) Work at GM.
(c) Go to seminary.
(d) Join the army.

5. What racket did Louie have going at work?
(a) Getting paid for forty hours when he worked thirty.
(b) Making rookies do all his work for him.
(c) Secretly selling alcohol down the assembly line.
(d) Secretly selling cigarettes down the assembly line.

6. How much time was required for an employee to secure his job at GM?
(a) Ninety days.
(b) Six months.
(c) Thirty days.
(d) Seven days.

7. What machine did Hamper operate in the Cab Shop?
(a) A mig-welder.
(b) A hammer.
(c) A sealer.
(d) A spot-welder.

8. Why did Hamper's parents fight?
(a) His dad was frequently unfaithful to his mother.
(b) His mom was tired of working and raising kids.
(c) His dad was frequently absent.
(d) His dad drank a lot and became violent.

9. What was the routine when Joanie visited Hamper's house?
(a) They would ignore his siblings and make love in the living room.
(b) They would feed his siblings and make love in the living room.
(c) They would feed his siblings and do homework.
(d) They would feed his siblings and drop acid.

10. What did Hamper discover when he began to write poetry?
(a) Girls liked him.
(b) He got better grade.
(c) The teachers liked him better.
(d) He could escape the monotony of life.

11. When Hamper was a child, why were his friends amused by his dad?
(a) Because his dad loved to entertain kids.
(b) Because his dad told good stories.
(c) Because his dad always gave them an allowance too.
(d) Because their dads were sober and hard-working.

12. Why did Hamper grow up in a neighborhood of houses that all look alike?
(a) The neighborhood was built simply to house new factory employees.
(b) The neighborhood architect didn't have a good imagination.
(c) The houses were built during a recession when buyers did not have much money.
(d) All Flint residential neighborhoods look the same.

13. What was the trickiest part of doubling-up, as Hamper and Dale did?
(a) Keeping up to speed.
(b) Punching out.
(c) Explaining your partner's absence to the supervisor.
(d) Punching in.

14. When did Hamper's great-grandfather begin working in the car factory?
(a) 1925.
(b) 1905.
(c) 1930.
(d) 1910.

15. During his sophomore year of high school, what did Hamper name his rather large collection of poems?
(a) "Under the Table."
(b) "Intestines of a Balloon."
(c) "Hammered After Four."
(d) "Thoughts of the Crocodile."

Short Answer Questions

1. What motivated Hamper to make the honor roll during his freshmen year of high school?

2. During his first day of work, before he learned Roy's name, what nickname did Hamper give him?

3. At the factory, when was the most popular time to drink?

4. What was the name of the new school that combined all local Catholic high schools?

5. How many children did Hamper's parents have?

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