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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through chapters 9-10, Epilogue.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. As told in Chapter Four, how much money did Hamper make while working at the factory?
(a) $9.82 an hour.
(b) $12.82 an hour.
(c) $15.33 an hour.
(d) $200 a shift.

2. How did Hamper and Joanie overcome their initial shyness toward each other?
(a) By taking drugs.
(b) By going to concerts.
(c) By failing history.
(d) By spending time.

3. Why did Hamper think that Moore's car would be destroyed at the GM factory?
(a) Moore drove a Chevy.
(b) The factory workers were eager for a fight.
(c) White collar professionals were not treated kindly at the factory.
(d) Moore drove a Honda.

4. What plans did Hamper and Dale have together for their careers?
(a) Move up into management.
(b) Stay in their tasks for thirty years.
(c) Gradually move into a less demanding assembly line.
(d) Get injured and earn disability pay most of their lives.

5. What was Roy's plan for his job?
(a) Work just enough to keep his job.
(b) Work hard and move into management.
(c) Work ninety days and then get workman's compensation.
(d) Work for thirty years so he could have a good retirement plan.

Short Answer Questions

1. As he drove home during his breakdown, what did Hamper think he saw?

2. At the factory, when was the most popular time to drink?

3. How many siblings did Joanie have?

4. Why did Hamper never beat his dad up when he was being lectured?

5. What was Hamper's problem with his job on the axle line?

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