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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through chapters 9-10, Epilogue.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How did Hamper's supervisor feel when he needed to leave work early because of his breakdown?
(a) The supervisor was highly concerned.
(b) Hamper was too stressed to notice the supervisor's response.
(c) The supervisor was angry at being shorthanded.
(d) The supervisor said he didn't believe Hamper.

2. Why was Hamper reinstated as a student in the school?
(a) He turned in a written apology.
(b) He promised to provide drugs to the principal.
(c) His mother pleaded for the school to take him back.
(d) He promised not to break any more school rules until graduation.

3. Paul took over Janice's job on the Rivet Line; where had he worked before?
(a) The foundry.
(b) 7-Eleven.
(c) The body shop.
(d) The tailgate line.

4. Why does Hamper want to avoid his grandfather at the family reunion?
(a) His grandfather thinks he's his son rather than his grandson.
(b) His grandfather would rail him about unemployment benefits.
(c) His grandfather never worked as a shoprat so he can't understand Hamper's life.
(d) His grandfather thinks he needs to get another job.

5. Why did Hamper not want to write about being a shop-rat, in an article for the Flint Voice?
(a) He wanted to pretend work was better than it actually was.
(b) He did not want his coworkers to be offended.
(c) He thought the topic was boring.
(d) He thought it would be too much work.

Short Answer Questions

1. How was Paul injured on the Rivet Line?

2. What car part did Hamper's father install at the factory?

3. When Hamper moved into his mother's basement, what did he think would save his marriage to Joanie?

4. What nearby bar did Hamper and his coworkers often go to after work?

5. What was Hamper's first impression of the crew of men he was called in with the first day?

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