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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through chapters 5-8.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When the Good Times Lounge sued Hamper, how much money did the owner want?
(a) No money but a written apology.
(b) Fifteen thousand dollars.
(c) Ten thousand dollars.
(d) Five thousand dollars.

2. What incentive did management offer if the assembly line kept the quality high?
(a) A new Ford truck.
(b) A gift card to the local grocery store.
(c) A personal drinking glass.
(d) An extra day of vacation.

3. At the end of Chapter Four, where was Hamper writing the book?
(a) In his kitchen.
(b) In a bar.
(c) In a drafty shed.
(d) In his girlfriend's living room.

4. What aggravated Hamper about his friendship with Janice?
(a) She acted too differently from the male employees.
(b) Their coworkers assumed they were sleeping together.
(c) She insisted that she could do everything a man could.
(d) She wanted to hide their friendship from her husband.

5. During his sophomore year of high school, what did Hamper name his rather large collection of poems?
(a) "Intestines of a Balloon."
(b) "Thoughts of the Crocodile."
(c) "Hammered After Four."
(d) "Under the Table."

Short Answer Questions

1. Who did Bob-A-Lou marry?

2. Why was Hamper expelled from his Catholic high school?

3. Why did Joanie and Hamper get married when she became pregnant?

4. What was Hamper's first impression of the crew of men he was called in with the first day?

5. If a person had to wait in the chairs along the edges of the unemployment office, what did Hamper recommend that he do?

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