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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Prologue, chapters 1-2.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How had Hamper imagined his father's work before he saw it?
(a) The workplace was cleaner.
(b) Half the employees were women.
(c) His dad built each car from a kit.
(d) There weren't any loud machines.

2. What two classes did Hamper pass in junior high?
(a) Religion and Science.
(b) Music and Math.
(c) Science and History.
(d) Music and Gym.

3. What was the job Hamper first wanted to have?
(a) Factory worker.
(b) Airline pilot.
(c) Ambulance driver.
(d) Construction worker.

4. What motivated Hamper to make the honor roll during his freshmen year of high school?
(a) A desire not to disappoint his mother.
(b) His dream of becoming an ambulance driver.
(c) A desire to get out of Flint.
(d) An attraction to girls.

5. How did Hamper's maternal grandfather live?
(a) He had trouble holding down a job.
(b) He was punctual for work and barely drank.
(c) He was punctual to work and drunk all weekend.
(d) He was late for work and constantly drunk.

Short Answer Questions

1. As Hamper began high school, what was his only plan for his life?

2. Why did Hamper's dad yell at him for his bad grades?

3. While painting apartments, why did Hamper become friends with Glen?

4. What music did Hamper and his coworkers listen to at work?

5. What did Hamper discover when he began to write poetry?

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