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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through chapters 3-4.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did Hamper do when people criticized him for drinking on the job?
(a) He was quick to defend himself.
(b) He laughed and ignored them.
(c) He was hurt because what they said was true.
(d) He thought they were hypocrites.

2. According to Hamper, why did the nuns not care that he was a poor student?
(a) They were too old to care about much.
(b) Their favorites were the obviously talented kids.
(c) They knew the school would produce many underachievers in exchange for a couple brilliant students.
(d) They cared less about the children of factory workers.

3. At the beginning of Chapter Two, what religiously-loaded term did Hamper use to describe Flint?
(a) God's Factory.
(b) The Automotive Temple.
(c) Hitching-post Heaven.
(d) Greaseball Mecca.

4. What music did Hamper and his coworkers listen to at work?
(a) Top 40's.
(b) Oldies.
(c) Country.
(d) Classic rock.

5. How did the assembly-line workers originally run their radio?
(a) By tuning into the factory loudspeaker.
(b) With 9-volt batteries.
(c) By plugging into a factory outlet.
(d) With a car battery.

Short Answer Questions

1. Inside the auto factory, why was the Cab Shop nicknamed the Jungle?

2. What did Franklin write on napkins and bits of paper?

3. In the summer and fall of 1977, how many hours a day did Hamper work?

4. Why did Hamper's dad often denounce African-Americans?

5. As Brown hung around in the Cab Shop, what did he do?

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