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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through chapters 5-8.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. As Brown hung around in the Cab Shop, what did he do?
(a) Fell asleep.
(b) Drank beer.
(c) Smoked marijuana.
(d) Read magazines.

2. What was Roy's plan for his job?
(a) Work ninety days and then get workman's compensation.
(b) Work hard and move into management.
(c) Work for thirty years so he could have a good retirement plan.
(d) Work just enough to keep his job.

3. After four months on the Rivet Line, how did Hamper feel?
(a) That he deserved to move to a better job within the company.
(b) That he would go crazy if he didn't escape.
(c) That he had fulfilled his destiny in life.
(d) That he was getting bored.

4. What happened when Hamper wanted to get out of his move to Pontiac
(a) The union representative said he would pull some strings so he could stay.
(b) He was fired immediately.
(c) GM would not let him out of a signed contract.
(d) He was told he'd have to see if his job would still remain in two years.

5. Why did Hamper begin writing?
(a) He wanted to tell his story.
(b) He was hoping to move out of the factory into publishing.
(c) He was unemployed again and bored.
(d) His sister thought he would have a lot of success as a writer.

Short Answer Questions

1. In the summer and fall of 1977, how many hours a day did Hamper work?

2. How many siblings did Joanie have?

3. Why was Hamper reinstated as a student in the school?

4. Inside the auto factory, why was the Cab Shop nicknamed the Jungle?

5. Why did Joanie and Hamper get married when she became pregnant?

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