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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through chapters 5-8.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why did GM not hire Hamper when he wanted to apply?
(a) They did not want to hire any more Hampers.
(b) During the recession, the factory wasn't hiring.
(c) He had to be twenty-one to work there.
(d) He did not have good job references.

2. Why was Hamper expelled from his Catholic high school?
(a) He refused to attend the daily mass.
(b) He was caught rolling a joint in the library.
(c) He had sworn at his history teacher.
(d) He was caught trying to skip class.

3. What was the trickiest part of doubling-up, as Hamper and Dale did?
(a) Punching in.
(b) Keeping up to speed.
(c) Explaining your partner's absence to the supervisor.
(d) Punching out.

4. Oftentimes, when was a woman placed on the assembly line?
(a) When the work was easy.
(b) When the previous two workers had been seen doubling up their tasks.
(c) When management had no one else to do the job.
(d) Whenever she wanted because there was no gender difference.

5. What did Hamper's mom hope he'd do once he finished high school?
(a) Go to seminary.
(b) Join the army.
(c) Go to business school.
(d) Work at GM.

Short Answer Questions

1. How long was Hamper given to learn his job?

2. How old was Hamper the first time he went to a car factory?

3. According to Hamper, what percentage of Flint was linked to the auto factories?

4. Why did the supervisors add another task to Hamper and Dale's job?

5. In the summer and fall of 1977, how many hours a day did Hamper work?

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