Daily Lessons for Teaching Rivethead: Tales from the Assembly Line

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Daily Lessons

Objective: Prologue, chapters 1-2 The prologue of Rivethead is structured mostly around the music which Hamper and his coworkers listened to at work, classic rock. Hamper uses the music to introduce several coworkers, the management of General Motors, and the setting of the story. In this way, the music is a good comprehensive place to begin. This lesson plan will look at the information presented, particularly about the setting and the author, as well as the literary advantages to this structure.

1) 1. Journal Writing. Write a journal entry of one or two paragraphs about the phrase "Dead Rock Stars." Why do you think Hamper used this term rather than the term "classic rock"? What was the literary effect of using it so often throughout the prologue? How did the sounds of the words lend themselves to the setting of the book?

2. Small Group Discussion. How did Hamper react...

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