Rivethead: Tales from the Assembly Line Character Descriptions

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Character Descriptions

Ben Hamper - This man is a former factory worker, a newspaper columnist, best-selling author, and a radio talk show host.

Michael Moore - This man was an author, award-winning film maker, playwright, director, and liberal political commentator.

Henry Ford - This man founded a major car company and is often referred to as the father of the modern assembly line.

Bernard Egan Hamper II - This man was the author's father. He eventually left his family and ran away to Florida.

Hogjaw - This factory worker was in charge of supplying the stereo equipment for an auto factory department.

Doug - This steering gear man was the subject of many newspaper columns.

Bob-a-Lou - This factory worker was nervous around girls and eventually married his pen pal from the Philippines.

Joanie Hamper - This woman was the author's ex-wife and mother of their daughter.

Glenn -...

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