Rivethead: Tales from the Assembly Line Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

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Chapter Abstracts

Prologue, chapters 1-2

* Dead Rock Stars sang every night on the assembly line for Hamper and his coworkers.

* Hamper gave some history about his family who were shop-rats.

* Hamper's father drank too much, could not hold down a job, and did not know how to raise his eight children.

* Hamper's mother was a devout Catholic, so Hamper attended Catholic school.

* School was difficult for Hamper, and he felt destined for the assembly line ever since tenth grade.

* Hamper and his father fought a lot, mostly about his failing grades.

* The necessity of keeping the family together drove Hamper to experimenting with drugs.

* Joanie and Hamper got married, and she gave birth to a daughter.

chapters 3-4

* Joanie and Hamper separated, and he thought he could win her back by getting a steady job at the GM factory.

* Hamper experienced his first line-call from GM and was assigned to...

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