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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In the story of the Kabirvad Tree, what created it?
(a) The Jain monk's prayers.
(b) Kabir's toothbrush.
(c) Buddha.
(d) The Narmada River.

2. As the narrator looks at the river one morning, who does the narrator imagine he may see floating in it one day?
(a) Tariq Mia.
(b) The monk.
(c) His wife.
(d) Himself.

3. "Master" is a title for a ________.
(a) Intellectual.
(b) Child.
(c) Hero.
(d) Woman.

4. In the Jain monk's story, the crowd at the ceremony is excited by what, other than his diamonds?
(a) That he is giving up his wealth.
(b) How brave he is.
(c) How tolerant his father is.
(d) How handsome he's become.

5. Why is Nitin Bose coming to the guesthouse?
(a) To learn tribal customs.
(b) To run away from the police.
(c) To find a wife.
(d) To work.

6. The narrator enjoys Tariq Mia's song until he realizes how _______ the lyrics are.
(a) Sentimental.
(b) Nonsensical.
(c) Savage.
(d) Racist.

7. Why doesn't the narrator want to take Nitin back to the guesthouse?
(a) He smells bad.
(b) All his friends will have to come.
(c) He's unstable.
(d) He can't pay for his room.

8. Why is Nitin looking for the shrine in the woods?
(a) It gives fertility.
(b) It brings good luck.
(c) It cures possession.
(d) It's made out of gold.

9. What causes possession, in the doctor's opinion?
(a) If one believes they are.
(b) Malaria.
(c) Emotional trauma.
(d) Bad karma.

10. The narrator doesn't understand how a ___ could drive Nitin insane.
(a) Woman.
(b) Blizzard.
(c) Fruit.
(d) Story.

11. What is Tariq Mia's purpose in telling this story?
(a) To discuss the human heart.
(b) To brag about his intelligence.
(c) To pass the time.
(d) To scare the narrator.

12. How has Nitin's presence disrupted the narrator's life?
(a) He makes the narrator feel inadequate.
(b) He talks too much.
(c) He's always worrying about him.
(d) He has loud parties.

13. What does Master Mohan see Imrat as?
(a) A second chance.
(b) A meal ticket.
(c) A burden.
(d) A servant.

14. How do we learn more about Nitin in Chapter 7?
(a) His diary.
(b) His father writes the narrator a letter.
(c) He tells his story to the narrator.
(d) Nitin talks in his sleep.

15. The narrator took the job at the guesthouse after what event?
(a) The guesthouse was renovated.
(b) He lost his other job.
(c) His daughter moved to the city.
(d) His wife died.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is special about Imrat?

2. Why do the Jain monks shave their heads?

3. Why are Nitin's friends surprised that he took a job in the country?

4. What do the Vano believe is special about Nitin?

5. Nitin was offered two jobs: managing a tea estate or _______.

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