Daily Lessons for Teaching A River Sutra

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Objective: The Narrator And Setting Chapter 1 describes the setting for "A River Sutra" and the narrator. In this lesson, discuss the function of this first chapter in developing the stage, narrator, and themes.

1) Teacher Introduction: Give students a bit of an introduction to India in "A River Sutra" (religion, history, etc.) and the geographic setting of the book.

2) Groups: Split the class into several groups. Ask each group to develop a statement answering, "Who is the narrator?"

3) Group Presentations: Ask each group to give their explanation of "who is the narrator" and write their key points on the board. Ask the class as a whole to identify: what does the narrator want? Need? What is he looking for?

4) Class Discussion: Ask the class: "What is the setting?" What does it offer to people? The narrator? The reader? What themes do we see developing in it? Is this...

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