A River Sutra Fun Activities

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Book Review

Pretend you are a professional book critic and write a review of "A River Sutra".

Character Opinion

Select a few characters the narrator has encountered and, in their voices, write what their opinions or advice would be for the narrator.

Narmada River

Prepare a presentation on the Narmada River.

Naga Babas

Prepare a presentation on Naga Babas.

Comic Book

Make a comic book version of "A River Sutra".


Paint a portrait of a character from "A River Sutra".


Make a diorama of the Narmada riverbank.

Story Telling

Choose a story told in "A River Sutra" and perform a telling of it.

Religions of A River Sutra

Do a presentation on different religions in "A River Sutra".

Alternate Endings

Write a few alternate explanations in Professor Shankar's voice as to why he chose to renounce being a Naga Baba.


Write the epilogue for "A...

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