A River Sutra Character Descriptions

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Asha - This character is a professor's young female assistant.

Ashok - This character is a Jain monk, and has renounced his billionaire lifestyle to become an ascetic.

Naga Baba - This character renounced the world and wandered the countryside, bathed in the ashes of the cremated, and begged for sustenance.

Nitin Bose - This character is a once-wealthy young man who believes he is possessed.

Mr. Chagla - This character is a clerk at the guesthouse who must ride 19 kilometers from his town of Rudra to the government rest house each day.

The Courtesan - This character is an elderly woman who comes to the guesthouse to find her daughter.

The Courtesan's Daughter - This character is a beautiful young woman who was kidnapped by a criminal; she fell in love with her captor.

The Great Sahib - This character is a rich music lover...

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