A River Sutra Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

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Chapter 1

• The narrator takes a job at a guesthouse.

• The narrator describes the setting on the Narmada River.

• The narrator watches the pilgrimages to the river.

• The narrator meets a Jain monk.

• The monk agrees to talk to the narrator and try to enlighten him.

Chapter 2

• Ashok tells the story of becoming a monk.

• Ashok describes his father's opinion and his own goals of becoming a monk.

Chapter 3

• The narrator is disturbed by the monk's story.

• The narrator goes to meet Tariq Mia in his village.

• Tariq Mia talks to the narrator and tries to help him understand how to be enlightened.

• Tariq Mia begins to tell his story to the narrator.

Chapter 4

• Master Mohan is a poor music teacher with a bitter wife.

• Master Mohan explains why he is poor and his wife is unhappy.

• Master Mohan meets a boy named Imrat with a beautiful singing voice...

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