The River Niger Character Descriptions

Joseph A. Walker
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Al - He is described as a closet homosexual who is capable, determined, and very young. In the end of the play, he turns out to be the informer who has betrayed his fellow revolutionaries.

Grandma Wilhemina Brown - She is described as a stately, fair-skinned black woman in her mid eighties who is almost always drunk from the liquor she hides in the kitchen.

Chips - He is described as a tall, rangy young man and a sexually perverted young fool who has an air of "I'm a bad nigger" about him.

Gail - She is twenty-one and is described as sincere and very much in love with Mo.

Mo - He is the head of a small group of black revolutionaries and is further described as a young black leader of underlying beauty and integrity.

Skeeter - He belongs to a black revolutionary organization...

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