The River Niger Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Joseph A. Walker
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Act 1

• THE RIVER NIGER is a play about a black family living in the 1970s in Harlem.

• As the play opens, it is 4:30 on a February afternoon in a Harlem brownstone.

• Grandma Brown surreptitiously pours whiskey into a cup of coffee before retreating to her bedroom.

• John Williams, the man of the house, enters and it is obvious that he is slightly intoxicated.

• John takes a swig of whiskey from a bottle in his coat pocket and retrieves a piece of paper that has fallen out of his coat pocket.

• John reads the beginnings of a poem he is writing--"I Am the River Niger."

• John's friend, Dr. Dudley Stanton, a Jamaican medical doctor comes into the house and tells John about his fishing trip to Mexico.

• Dudley has closed his office today and John has left his painting job early in anticipation of the return of John's...

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