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Wilbur Smith
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What do Taita's pregnancy tests for Lostris involve?
(a) Mangoes and a full moon.
(b) Nile water and wine.
(c) Corn and frogs.
(d) Crocodile meat and lily flowers.

2. What does Memnon argue so that he can go hunting with Taita and the other charioteers?
(a) He is the crown prince and should lead his people.
(b) He needs to practice his hunting skills.
(c) Queen Lostris gave him permission to accompany Taita.
(d) He deserves to be with the hunters rather than the women.

3. What dream does Taita have to explain Lostris's pregnancy?
(a) Pharaoh came back from paradise and slept with her at night.
(b) The child was conceived before Pharaoh's death but did not grow until now.
(c) Lostris has generative powers to conceive a child without a man.
(d) The goddess Hapi approved of Tanus and Lostris's union.

4. While Lostris is pregnant, what is the one thing she asks for that she does not get?
(a) Freedom for Taita.
(b) Snow from Syria.
(c) A promotion for Tanus.
(d) A new palace in Thebes.

5. What task does Queen Lostris give to Lord Aqer?
(a) To hunt enough meat for the next six months.
(b) To infiltrate King Salitis' inner circle of advisors and send back information.
(c) To open the road north to Thebes.
(d) To guide the ships through the fourth cataract.

Short Answer Questions

1. When do the Egyptians begin to flee toward their ships away from the Hyksos?

2. How does Pharaoh spend the treasure he recovered from Lord Intef?

3. Where does the Shepherd King shoot his first arrow as the battle begins?

4. When some Egyptians want to leave the caravan ships traveling south, what does Queen Lostris do?

5. After passing the first cataract, what animal do Taita and his charioteers hunt?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Pharaoh bring justice following the revelation of Lord Intef as Akh-Seth? How is his punishment for the Shrikes suitable? Additionally, how is it the harshest punishment an Egyptian can suffer?

2. How does Lostris deal with Lord Aqer's disgruntlement? Including previous instances of dissatisfied people, what does this say about her leadership? Is she well suited to lead the Egyptian people?

3. The Egyptians are terrified at the approach of the Hyksos army. What are the reasons for their fear? Do these fears contradict or affirm their previous actions as warriors? Who understands the importance of this eastern enemy the best?

4. What happens when the Nile floods? How does this event bring together science and religious observation? How is it also an opportunity for vice, particularly greed?

5. What is the attitude of the Hyksos as they face the Egyptians in battle? What do you think is the reason for this arrogance? What has led them this far west?

6. How do the Egyptian ships navigate through the cataracts? How is this a testimony to their technological skill, especially because of Taita?

7. When Tanus returns to Thebes to reveal Akh-Seth and exonerate himself from the death penalty, what sounds are there? How do the sounds, especially voices, help to explain the scene?

8. Why will so few people ride astride a horse? (Throughout the novel, only Hui, Taita, and Memnon dare this.) What reaction do they get when people see them astride the horses? Why do you think they get this reaction?

9. As the great journey south begins, why does Queen Lostris not board her ship? Is this a good example of her leadership? Why?

10. Why do Lostris and Tanus disagree over the fate of the Hyksos horses? How does this argument illustrate their respective places in society?

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