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Wilbur Smith
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why do the Egyptians want to meet the Cush people?
(a) Because they need guidance about the geography.
(b) Because they need allies.
(c) Because they need slaves.
(d) Because they want to understand this foreign land fully.

2. Why is Memnon awarded the Gold of Valour?
(a) He saves Tanus and Taita from being swept away in the river rapids.
(b) He saves Tanus and Taita from a wounded bull elephant.
(c) He accompanies Lord Aqer's expedition.
(d) He leads the first raid of the Shilluk villages to capture slaves.

3. Why do the Hyksos pass by their victims rather than running straight into them?
(a) They can lean over the chariot edge and engage in swordplay.
(b) They prefer to intimidate the troops first.
(c) The knives on their chariot wheels cut apart the men.
(d) They do not want to sacrifice their horses.

4. What proves that Lord Intef owned the chests of treasure hidden in his palace?
(a) None of the answers is correct.
(b) The hidden passageway to his rooms.
(c) His ring seal on the locks.
(d) The fact that they were hidden in his palace.

5. While Lostris is pregnant, what is the one thing she asks for that she does not get?
(a) A promotion for Tanus.
(b) Snow from Syria.
(c) Freedom for Taita.
(d) A new palace in Thebes.

Short Answer Questions

1. When Tanus enters the temple of Osiris, what is the crowd's reaction?

2. Why does Lostris wait in the palace as the Hyksos approach?

3. For the end of the Osiris festival, what did Taita design and build?

4. Why is Taita able to build an experimental squadron of chariots?

5. Why does Lostris disapprove of Memnon's marriage to Masara?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Queen Lostris demand an elaborate tomb for her husband? What does this say about her loyalty to Pharaoh and does it contradict her order that Egyptians would not make their home in the land of Cush?

2. The Egyptians are terrified at the approach of the Hyksos army. What are the reasons for their fear? Do these fears contradict or affirm their previous actions as warriors? Who understands the importance of this eastern enemy the best?

3. How does Taita explain Lostris's second pregnancy? Why does the council believe him? What from Lostris's reputation prepares them to believe Taita's story?

4. How does Lostris deal with Lord Aqer's disgruntlement? Including previous instances of dissatisfied people, what does this say about her leadership? Is she well suited to lead the Egyptian people?

5. Why do the common people love Lostris? What does she do to encourage their love? How does she prepare the way for their acceptance of Memnon as rule?

6. What happens when the Nile floods? How does this event bring together science and religious observation? How is it also an opportunity for vice, particularly greed?

7. How does Lord Intef die? Considering his life, is this a suitable death? Why?

8. Why does Nembet disregard Tanus's warning about the Hyksos army? What does this say about gaining a military reputation in ancient Egypt? What ultimate price does Nembet pay?

9. Why will so few people ride astride a horse? (Throughout the novel, only Hui, Taita, and Memnon dare this.) What reaction do they get when people see them astride the horses? Why do you think they get this reaction?

10. Why do you think Smith goes into details about the mummification of Pharaoh's body? Is this fitting to the novel? Especially in relation to Taita's character, since he is involved in the embalming, do the details add to or detract from the story?

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