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Wilbur Smith
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Taita conquer Shufti?
(a) Bribes one of Shufti's men to capture him.
(b) Throws a spear at him.
(c) Stabs him with his own sword.
(d) Throws a brick at his head.

2. Contrary to Pharaoh's plans, why does Lostris set out to charm him?
(a) To win favor for her father.
(b) To win his favor for Tanus.
(c) To win freedom for Taita.
(d) To win his love and eventually marriage.

3. Why does Tanus send Taita away before the second battle?
(a) Taita is too faint-hearted to be much help.
(b) Tanus needs to prepare for another battle.
(c) Tanus is going into battle with only fifty men and no physician.
(d) Taita needs to take care of Lostris.

4. Why was Taita made a eunuch when he was sixteen?
(a) He had attempted to escape from the palace.
(b) He had refused to sacrifice to Lord Intef's favorite god.
(c) He had stolen several jewels from Lord Intef's treasury.
(d) He had been unfaithful to Lord Intef and slept with a slave girl.

5. What body parts are left inside a man when he is embalmed?
(a) The lungs and brain.
(b) The heart and lungs.
(c) The liver and stomach.
(d) The heart and kidneys.

Short Answer Questions

1. Out of the thirteen barons, how many are killed in this first battle with Tanus?

2. Near the end of the wedding feast, what does Taita discover about Pharaoh's personality?

3. Why does Taita conduct Pharaoh's tours of his treasuries?

4. Why did Tanus's father die an unhappy death?

5. After leaving Thebes, where do Pharaoh and his court go?

Short Essay Questions

1. When Taita disguises himself as a priest so that he is not recognized in his native city Thebes, how is he treated? What does this say about the Egyptian people's attitude toward their religion? What does this say about the priests' ethics?

2. How does Lostris interact with Pharaoh during their first three months of marriage? Though Smith does not say this is so many words, how does Pharaoh reveal his true character during this time?

3. What is the significance of the double crown of Egypt? Why might Taita mention it so often when he describes Pharaoh?

4. Describe the murder of Tod onstage during the festival pageant. What does Taita reveal about humanity, as he perceives it, during this scene?

5. In the days leading up to Lostris's wedding, Taita is not allowed to go near her. Even during the wedding ceremony, he stands at the back of the crowd and cannot see much. What is the literary significance of Taita's inability to see Lostris? How does this relate to Smith's silence about Tanus's reaction?

6. What happens in the tombs during the three-day sandstorm? How does Taita reveal the deepest sadness that is in his heart? What does this say about his character?

7. How does Taita describe the hippo hunt? How does he see the animal in relation to divinity? What is the effect of the hippo hunt on Taita?

8. Why is Taita angered when he sees Lord Intef in Thebes? What does this reveal to the reader about Taita's character?

9. What account does Taita give of the girl he loved when he was sixteen? How does his telling of it, half his lifetime later, show the changes he has gone through? Is he more cynical or more understanding of what happened?

10. What are Taita's emotions during and after the battle with the Shrikes? How do these emotions explain several facets of his personality? What does this say for Smith's ability to create a complex character?

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