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Wilbur Smith
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does the cobra get into Taita's room to attack him?
(a) In a basket of pomegranates and mangoes.
(b) One of the slave boys brought it in.
(c) Rasfer brought it in secretly.
(d) Through a crack in the east wall.

2. How is Lostris thrown from the Breath of Horus?
(a) The rowers take a curve too sharply.
(b) She tries to duck Tanus's arrow and falls.
(c) The ship runs into the bull hippopotamus.
(d) She is startled by Taita's shout and falls.

3. What hunt do Taita and Lostris attend with Pharaoh before the windstorm strikes?
(a) Gazelle hunt.
(b) Crocodile hunt.
(c) Elephant hunt.
(d) Leopard hunt.

4. Who is Kratas?
(a) A common soldier and Taita's close friend.
(b) The leader of the band of slave traders.
(c) The high priest of the goddess Hapi.
(d) Tanus's chief lieutenant and Taita's close friend.

5. What is the name of Taita's friend who gives him information and supplies prior to the battle with the Shrikes?
(a) Remrem.
(b) Safaga.
(c) Tiamat.
(d) Kernit.

Short Answer Questions

1. Near the end of the wedding feast, what does Taita discover about Pharaoh's personality?

2. What does Shufti the baron offer Tanus in return for twenty of his "slave girls"?

3. What color does Lostris wear to prove she is a virgin bride?

4. What does Taita see at the end of Pharaoh's horoscope?

5. When Tanus disappeared, to whom did he hand over his squadron and Pharaoh's seal?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Lostris want to die on her wedding night? Does Taita respond properly to her demands for poison? Why?

2. What is the significance of the double crown of Egypt? Why might Taita mention it so often when he describes Pharaoh?

3. When Taita disguises himself as a priest so that he is not recognized in his native city Thebes, how is he treated? What does this say about the Egyptian people's attitude toward their religion? What does this say about the priests' ethics?

4. How does Lostris interact with Pharaoh during their first three months of marriage? Though Smith does not say this is so many words, how does Pharaoh reveal his true character during this time?

5. What scheme does Taita dream up to help Tanus engage the Shrikes in battle for the first time? How is this scheme something that perhaps only Taita would think of?

6. When the people cry out to Pharaoh to give Tanus mercy from the death sentence, what does Pharaoh do? What leads to this decision? Does it show Pharaoh's mercy or his weakness?

7. After Taita is whipped because he dares to petition for Lostris and Tanus's marriage, Lostris cares for his wounds. How does she reveal that she is still a child? What hope does the reader have that her marriage to Tanus will occur?

8. How does Taita foreshadow the coming marriage for Lostris? How does this affect the element of surprise within the novel?

9. What is the song that Tanus and his men sing during the thick of battle? What effect would this song have on the enemy?

10. How does Taita describe the hippo hunt? How does he see the animal in relation to divinity? What is the effect of the hippo hunt on Taita?

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