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Wilbur Smith
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Pages 146-190.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why was Taita made a eunuch when he was sixteen?
(a) He had stolen several jewels from Lord Intef's treasury.
(b) He had attempted to escape from the palace.
(c) He had refused to sacrifice to Lord Intef's favorite god.
(d) He had been unfaithful to Lord Intef and slept with a slave girl.

2. What does Taita conspicuously display over the harem wall the morning after Lostris's wedding?
(a) Lostris's blood-stained wedding skirt.
(b) The flowers that had been in Lostris's hair the day before.
(c) Pharaoh's seal symbolizing his approval of Lostris.
(d) A blood-stained sheet from Lostris's bed.

3. What body parts are left inside a man when he is embalmed?
(a) The liver and stomach.
(b) The lungs and brain.
(c) The heart and kidneys.
(d) The heart and lungs.

4. Why did Tanus name his bow Lanata?
(a) It was his first girlfriend's name.
(b) It was the Queen Mother's name.
(c) It was his mother's name.
(d) It was Lostris's baby name.

5. How does Taita fake his own death in order to search for Tanus?
(a) Sprinkled a cat's blood over a boat and left the boat to drift.
(b) Took a large dose of the sleeping potion.
(c) Lostris spread rumors that he was dead while he hid in her rooms for a month.
(d) He held an embalming ceremony for himself (the body was a stranger's).

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Taita conduct Pharaoh's tours of his treasuries?

2. Why is Tanus's speech a surprise to his whole audience, especially Taita?

3. What does Taita see at the end of Pharaoh's horoscope?

4. How does Tanus get back into shape after his weeks of drinking and laziness?

5. What does "Lostris" mean?

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