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Wilbur Smith
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Pages 146-190.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Lostris want to drink poison on her wedding night?
(a) So she can become sick and delay going to Pharaoh's bed.
(b) So she can die and wait for Tanus on the other side.
(c) To become ill so Pharaoh will pay more attention to her.
(d) So she can die and stop existing.

2. In the festival pageant, who plays the role of Seth, an evil god?
(a) Tanus.
(b) Lord Intef.
(c) Rasfer.
(d) Taita.

3. Why is Taita called the Elder Brother in the slave quarters?
(a) He cares for young slave boys after Lord Intef sleeps with them.
(b) He looks out for all new slaves who are brought to the palace.
(c) He cares for young slave girls after Lord Intef sleeps with them.
(d) He cares for Lord Intef's wives during their many pregnancies.

4. What does Taita do the night Lostris is first called in to visit Pharaoh?
(a) Paces his own room in agitation.
(b) Plays a game with Aton outside the chamber.
(c) Drinks a sleeping potion and goes to bed.
(d) Takes his night hawks hunting.

5. Why does Nembet, the Great Lion of Egypt, become angry with Tanus?
(a) Tanus has recently become popular with all of Thebes.
(b) Tanus is revealed as next in line for the crown.
(c) Tanus saves Pharaoh's ship because Nembet cannot.
(d) Tanus is allowed to present the city's greeting to Pharaoh.

Short Answer Questions

1. What surgery must Taita perform on Rasfer after the pageant?

2. Why was Taita made a eunuch when he was sixteen?

3. What does Tanus name as one of the single worst afflictions to settle on Egypt?

4. How does the audience accept the bloody, gaudy pageant?

5. How does Taita fake his own death in order to search for Tanus?

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