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Short Answer Questions

1. Through testing, what does Hatch believe is radioactive?

2. How does Woody Clay feel about the results of the flotilla protest?

3. Who does Neidelman want to accompany him to the Water Pit, but this person does not want to go?

4. In Chapter 38, where does Hatch select a spot to paint?

5. Where does the crew enter data after calibrating sensors at the Water Pit?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is the Radmeter and what does it indicate?

2. What does Hatch discover upon studying the skeletons from the Water Pit?

3. What type of package is delivered to Hatch at his home?

4. What happens when they left the lid off the chamber?

5. What does Hatch believe about the sword?

6. Why does Hatch scream and whose voice answers Hatch's scream?

7. How does the death of Wopner effect Hatch?

8. What papers does Hatch find in his attic within the dusty wardrobe that accidentally comes apart?

9. Who is Donny Truitt and why did he come to see Hatch?

10. What happens with Hatch when Neidelman joins Streeter in the tunnel?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Define curse and analyze how it is used within the story by using examples from the text. What evidence can you find within "Riptide" to support the theory about Ragged Island being cursed?

Essay Topic 2

What qualities help someone lead a group of people? Who shows better qualities of being a leader in "Riptide," Neidelman or Hatch? Give examples from the story to support your answer. List at least four qualities that Hatch and Neidelman demonstrate through their characters.

Essay Topic 3

What is the relationship between Kerry Wopner and Gerald Neidelman? How are they similar? How are they different?

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