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Ragged Island

This place is locate near Maine.

The Water Pit

This place is the shaft that flooded with sea water when a rock was moved.


This place is a town on the coast of Maine where the Hatch family lives.

Cambridge, Massachusetts

This place is the location of Mount Auburn Hospital where Dr. Malin Hatch works as a medical researcher.

The Plain Jane

This is the name of the rented boat that Malin uses during a project.

The Griffin

This is the name of Neidelman's command boat.


This is the name of the research vessel that is part of Neidelman's fleet.

Burnt Head

This place is a promontory and wooded area on the coast of Maine.

The Hatch Family House

This place is located on the coast and is sold by Doris, a realtor at the end of the story.

Treasure Vault

This place is...

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