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Essay Topic 1

Please compare and contrast the science fiction genre of fiction with the fantasy genre. Which genre does Ringworld fall into? Please provide examples of how the Ringworld falls into this genre.

Essay Topic 2

Please choose one of the following characters to do a character analysis on: Teela, Nessus, Speaker, or Louis. Please also explain the role of this character in the story and what type of character(s) this person is in the story.

Essay Topic 3

Throughout the story, we see various individuals fighting for leadership on the mission to Ringworld. What do you think truly makes a person a leader? Who do they believe was the true leader on the mission to Ringworld and why?

Essay Topic 4

Please explain what conflict is in a work of literature. What types of conflict can be seen in Ringworld and what, if anything, is the main conflict of...

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