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Chapter 1, Louis Wu

• Louis Wu is celebrating his 200th birthday on Earth.

• Louis teleports throughout different cities of the world to prolong his birthday.
• A puppeteer named Nessus bring Louis to him through the transfer booths.

• Nessus tells Louis he has a mission he wants Louis to join and his payment will be a ship that travels a light year in just over a minute.

• Nessus also recruits a kzin for the mission.

Chapter 2, And His Motley Crew

• Louis, Speaker, and Nessus return to his home to discuss the mission.

• The party is still going on at Louis's house.
• Nessus explains the explosion of the galactic core to Speaker and Louis.

• Nessus discovers Teela Brown at Louis's house and wants her to join their mission.

Chapter 3, Teela Brown

• Louis does not believe that Teela has been bred for luck.

• Louis does not want Teela to come in their...

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