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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does Frederic sleep?
(a) In the rhododendrons below Diana's window.
(b) In the rhododendrons below Hugo's window.
(c) In the roses below Hugo's window.
(d) In the roses below Diana's window.

2. What does Capulet promise to do at the end of Act 1, Scene 2?
(a) Marry Romainville.
(b) Help to find love for Lady India.
(c) Leave France.
(d) Help to forge a relationship between Isabelle and Hugo.

3. What is the relationship between Lady India and Messerschmann?
(a) She is his mistress.
(b) She is his daughter.
(c) She is his wife.
(d) She is his aunt.

4. What excuse does Romainville give for inviting Isabelle to stay in a local inn?
(a) Supporting the arts.
(b) She is poor.
(c) She is his niece.
(d) She is his daughter.

5. What does Hugo want Isabelle to do/be at the event taking place at the chateau?
(a) Be the most beautiful woman at the ball.
(b) Teach the other women how to dance.
(c) Embarrass Lady India.
(d) Marry him.

6. Who do Hugo and Romainville discuss in the first scene?
(a) Frederic.
(b) Diana.
(c) Isabelle.
(d) Joshua.

7. What sounds are heard offstage during Act 1, Scene 2?
(a) Thunder and rain.
(b) The orchestra warming up.
(c) Arguments.
(d) Birds.

8. What does Capulet pretend to forget so she can return to the conservatory?
(a) Noodles.
(b) Her gloves.
(c) Her boa.
(d) The guest list.

9. How does Romainville lure Isabelle's mother out of the conservatory?
(a) He pretends to be in love with her.
(b) He promises her an unfettered view of the arriving carriages and guests.
(c) He asks her to dance.
(d) He offers her some dinner.

10. Who does Madame Desmortes question about Isabelle?
(a) Romainville.
(b) Isabelle's mother.
(c) Isabelle's daughter.
(d) Messerschmann.

11. Isabelle is expected to make the guests believe what?
(a) That she is in love with Frederic.
(b) That she is in love with Hugo and Frederic.
(c) That she is in love with Romainville.
(d) That she is in love with Joshua.

12. Who first gives Isabelle instructions regarding her behavior at the ball?
(a) Frederic.
(b) Madame Desmortes.
(c) Diana.
(d) Hugo.

13. At the beginning of the play, which two characters are engaged?
(a) Hugo and Madame Desmortes.
(b) Frederic and Madame Desmortes.
(c) Hugo and Diana.
(d) Frederic and Diana.

14. Where does Hugo want Isabelle to stay?
(a) At her home.
(b) At the chateau.
(c) In a hotel.
(d) In Paris.

15. Who is Capulet?
(a) The wife of Messerschmann.
(b) The wife of Patrice.
(c) The companion of Madame Desmortes.
(d) The daughter of Madame Desmortes.

Short Answer Questions

1. Romainville interrupts Hugo and Isabelle with what news?

2. Who enters Act 1, Scene 2 with a guest list?

3. The play takes place in what sort of room?

4. What is a characters' sarcastic complaint when she is waiting to see the guest list?

5. Which two characters appear onstage first?

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