Ring around the Moon Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. Describe the setting of "Ring around the Moon."

The play is set in the conservatory of a French estate. The conservatory is filled with hothouse flowers and plants.

2. Describe the strange sleeping habits of Frederic, along with a probable explanation for his behavior.

Frederic sleeps in the rhododendrons beneath his fiancee's window. It is likely that he sleeps there to keep an eye on her behavior, because Frederic is insecure about their relationship.

3. What does the gardener threaten to do regarding the rhododendrons, and why?

The gardener threatens to place wolf traps among the rhododendrons because he mistakenly believes that four-legged creatures are destroying them.

4. Which twin is older, and what conclusion does Joshua draw from the twins' birth order?

Hugo is ten minutes older than Frederic. Joshua concludes from this information that Hugo is more mature.

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