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Essay Topic 1

How do the frenetic entrances and exits of Frederic and Hugo impact the audience as they view this play? Is that impact harder to appreciate when reading the play than when viewing it?

Essay Topic 2

What is a conservatory, as it exists in the mansion of Madame Desmortes? Why does the playwright choose to have the entire play take place in the conservatory, rather than allowing for a change of scene? Why does none of the action take place in the ballroom itself?

Essay Topic 3

What are the social implications of coming from "old money," like Madame Desmortes? Why do some members of society place a greater value on inherited money than on money truly earned?

Essay Topic 4

How do Messerschmann and Romainville represent "new money" and the new era of industrialization and rebuilding which took place after World War II? What do Messerschmann's actions at...

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