Ring around the Moon Character Descriptions

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Patrice Bombelles - This character is secretary to a wealthy industrialist.

Geraldine Capulat - This character is a servant/companion and a long-lost friend who once played piano duets.

Madame Desmermortes - This character is elderly and confined to a wheelchair.

Frederic - This character is an identical twin and is inept with the opposite sex.

Hugo - This character is an identical twin and an enemy of upper-class vanity.

Lady Dorothy India - This character has an unreal desire to be poor.

Isabelle - This character is a young and attractive ballet dancer.

Isabelle's Mother - This character is foolish, but has fantasies of wealth and status.

Joshua - This character is a respectful butler who adds comic relief.

Messerschmann - This character eats only one thing: noodles without butter or salt.

Diana Messerschmann - This character is the offspring of a wealthy industrial magnate...

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